Estate, Tag, Yard, Antique, Junque Sale-ing Galore!!!

Could there be a better way to spend the Fourth of July weekend, than rummaging thru' historical items from the past, and sharing a modern American dollar bill or two or three, to own part of that American history!?

I say there is not a better way to spend the weekend (other than bar-b-ques and fireworks, and rereading the Declaration of Independence ).

And, it's a good thing, because around here - this 3 day weekend has a plethora of sales to choose from!
Tomorrow is the Ruritan's big Flea - and I hope to get there at the crack of sort of early - before the July heat renders me faint and useless!

But, yesterday, and today (I had to go back) was a wonder-full sale at a lovely place called Busy B Farm!

Busy B is the home of a very busy "B" named Bobbie, who is an avid collector of vintage treasures.
I met Bobbie a year or so ago, at the PO,(where everyone meets everyone, sooner or later) and had seen her at a sale or two, peddling her wares.

When I saw the flyer for this sale, I was unaware that this was the same lady.

She put this whole thing together, with the help of her sister, mother, and a friend or two.
Her property is gorgeous, the staging of the sale was perfect, and so was the weather, for the most part!

To get to the sale, you have to drive over this little creek.
It is hard to see in the photo(click on any photo to make them larger), but even in this hot, low river, weather, a bit of water does run over the road.
I asked her what happens when it really rains- well, she stays home!!!! During the last big snow storm, she was basically home bound for 2  1/2 months- except when she could get the 4 wheeler thru to the main road (in another direction) and have a friend pick her up!!

On to the sale!!
I took SOOOO many photos- here are just a few to make you drool - probably too many, but it was hard to choose!!
With a bigger pocketbook, and more room in my own house - I probably would have bought quite a bit more!!!If you are looking to decorate your house in vintage - this was the sale to hit!!!
If you're in the neighborhood, the sale will be going on again tomorrow!!

After parking in the field, this was a first peek into the side barn door....

A plein air painter recreating a scene...Martha Henderson has quite a pedigree. She was manager of the Mickelson Gallery in Washington, DC for 39 years! Her artwork has been shown in galleries in the tri state area.

This sale could give The Farm Chicks a run for their money!!

Tons of guy stuff too!

                                                                     ....... the magic barn..........



                                                                 Dressers, anyone???


                                          The little print rocker on the left came home with me on the 2nd day.

                                Upstairs in the cavernous barn, as if there weren't enough treasures downstairs!

                                                           NFS- any of the kerosene lamps

I love old pump organs - I remember my Great Uncle Henny used to have one in his cabin on the mountain in Rhinebeck, NY. I could be down thru the woods at my grandma's house, and hear Uncle Henny pounding away on his pump organ, serenading the valley below. I won't divulge what Bobbie paid for this one at auction - but I may have to start going to auctions!!!LOL And, yes - it works!, and I believe it sold!!!!!

                            A felted wool artisan had her gorgeous creations on display, in the shade of an outbuilding covered in trumpet vine. From W. Va, Sharon Music's business is called  Creations from Harmony Hill.


                                                       The 2nd day of the sale, Bobbie was handing out paper fans, and neck coolers. They swore neck coolers work - soak the muslin strip in cold water, wrap stylishly around your neck, and voila- you are cool!! When it starts to get hot, just shake it out, refold and put back on - still cooling........

     After I hit the Ruritan Flea tomorrow - I will post more photos - I promise!!!!                                                                       


  1. I saw that pump organ in the back of the first picture it was in. You know me, that really caught my eye.
    I also really love that crazy quilt on the fence!

  2. Speechless. Good thing I wasn't there...

  3. WOW! What a place! Fantastic place to visit. Anxious to see what you come up with tomorrow. This is the greatest.

  4. what a nice place, that would be awesome to see

  5. oh WOW!!!!!!!!! speechless!
    first ... that creek reminds me of the one in LOTR where Arwen had to cross with Frodo on her horse to get away from the Nazguls!! incredible!
    second ... OMSTARS!!! the dressers, the chairs, the ORGAN!!!
    i am drooling ... someone pls get the mop!

  6. WOWEE what a great couple of days you had...super pics too

    how were the prices?

    I need to stay FAR away from this kind of temptation...I am noticing with all of our parents stuff in our house that other 'stuff' isn't calling me like it used to...maybe WE need to have a sale...takes a lot of energy which B must have plenty of...she sure stockpiles fab treasures!

    Happy 4th...stay cool!

  7. I seriously am drooling right now!!

  8. Drooling dh is SO glad I didn't know about this ;)