Another Challenge......

......from Linda and Rosie at Awfully Big Art Adventure

I managed to start it today, and finish it after a hectic evening (read about that tomorrow on my other blog!!!!!)

Anyway, the challenge was to create something out of felt- and I used hand dyed felted wool. The ones shown on ABAA's blog are soo cute!
I decided to do one of my 'Mugger Huggers'. These are a classier version of the cardboard sleeve you get when you buy coffee at Starbucks, etc.
They will also fit thru a handle and around most pottery coffee mugs- hence the name!!!

There will be a tutorial, per request, coming sometime soon, on how to make these!!!


  1. What a lovely idea - not to mention practical! The blue is such an intense shade and I love your beehive too. A very imaginative response to our challenge.
    Rosie ABAA

  2. Very pretty...and such neat blanket-stitching around the edge. Yet another original idea!
    Linda x

  3. I'll be looking for the tutorial. What fun!

  4. What a good idea, will watch for the tutorial.

  5. ooo Love it Pat! You are going mugger hugger happy (didn't want to say CRAZY :) and I like it!

  6. very good idea!! it looks so nice!!!