Tea on Tuesday

We have a pink theme for today's tea.

Altho', to be truthful, this is from last Tuesday! Don't know if anyone noticed I was missing last Tuesday, but I was!! Our computer contracted a virus, for the first time ever!!! Apparently, there was yet another  new one creeping around out there, that even the Norton Antivirus was unaware of !

My husband was ripping his hair our, what little he has left, wondering who might have been looking at porn dot com- ok, I confess- 'twas me!!! Yeah, right!!!! That was the pop up that let the evil virus scurry in, despite being X-ed out.

Since DH had to be out of town for business for 2 days, I was computer-less til his return- boy, was I suffering cyber withdrawal!!! Every time I would think, well, let me just run upstairs and check my email.............aaaagh- CAN'T check the email, or the blogs, or FB!! Whatever will I do?????

Well, apparently, I was not missed, altho' I missed you all very much!!!! Been playing catch up on blog reading ever since!!! It is amazing tho', how much free time one does have, without computer time!!!!!

The pictured tea mug is one of a pair I received as a gift from a former neighbor, also a tea lover. Made by St. George, they are a lovely chintz, fine English bone china.

The cute little pink teapot was purchased from Julieanna's . I bought this for my daughter- she loves pink, and is always using my teapots and infusers for her coffee! So, now she had her own!!!

This delightful little tea tin,called HT Tagalong, from Harney & Sons Fine Tea, was also purchased at Julieanna's- and I wish Susan, the tea lady could get more of them!!!!  You press the center of the tin and it pops open to reveal 5 little tea "sachets"- silky little tea bag triangles, each with enough to give me two (or maybe more) cups of delicious Chinese Flower Green Tea. And, they are kosher!!

Here's a peek inside Julieanna's:

(the pedestal servers and green tray are my creations)

Don't you just LOVE the teacups?????

Most of the jewelry is made by Julie, the owner of Julieanna's. The tea related items are discovered by Susan.

Please feel free to join us every week, for Tea on Tuesday. Visit Kimmie and Patty for a list of other T.O.T participants


  1. You were missed !
    To be truthful - I don't get round to visit all the T Tuesday posts but do return a call to the ones who call by me !
    I love the litle pink tin !
    So irritationg when the computer gets a blip - sometimes we simply can not get an internet connection at all.
    Happy T Tuesday to you ! x

  2. beautiful! looks like a wonderful place!

  3. I did miss you! I loved looking at all your goodies in Juliannas, makes me want to pay another visit there wit you gals. Lennie

  4. ~for the l♥ve of computers and all that comes along with them...happy you were able to get back up and running and yes you were missed! i l♥ve harney and sons tea...their jasmine flower is my favorite! such a sweet little place you have found...may you have safe cyber travels from here on out...uugghh...wishing you well and brightest blessings upon you always~

  5. What a treasure trove of photos for tea lovers and cups and teapots made my materialistic tongue water! I also love that HT tag along tea, I love to carry it in my purse. I'm glad you're back- of course!!!!! you would be missed. You're delightful.

  6. I've had porn sites pop up on their own when I've done a search for something decidedly not porn. Beautiful pedestals. I've got to get around to doing it also.

  7. Glad you are back! Viruses are NO FUN!

    OMG! I have the rose teacup in your last photo (only it has a crack in it from being dropped!)

    Thanks for your Adam Sandler comment-- I may look it up on You Tube! I remember it being hilarious!

  8. You're always missed ... I often assume you are busy on the farm!
    Glad your computer woes are history, that is never fun!
    Your creations look super at the shop ... it's such a nice place to visit ... wish it were closer!
    Happy T to you!

  9. I DID miss you - but my main number one rule is that this is "Loose Tea" .... knowing full well how life HAPPENS!! argh! I'm glad you've got things to rights again! I don't know what I would do - we have a Mac - but that's not REAL protection - all THAT is is flying under the radar of those creeps.

    Well anyway - your tea looks lovely - and I love the teapot - it's really cool! Happy T today Pat! hugs, Kimmie

  10. Your post was filled with such wonderful goodies....I love anything with a lid....and I can not pass it up. Just love this post. Can't wait to get back to the states to enjoy places like this.

  11. Awesome pics from the tea shop---love those cute earrings :)
    Your tea sounds yummy, I was gone last week too :)

  12. Actually, I DID miss you. In fact, I thought I came to see if you had posted and Kimmie's sidebar hadn't updated you. Alas, I didn't see a new post, so am glad to see you here this week.

    This is one serious collection of awesome tea pots, cups, and serving pieces. That shop is gorgeous. You are lucky to know Julie. I don't have those kinds of connections.

    Sorry I'm so late getting here. This was MY week for internet and computer problems. I downloaded the latest version of Firefox and it's shut me down every time I tried to go anywhere. I hope you had a great tea Tuesday.

  13. What great stuff. I have one of those little pop up tea tins...I treasure it. We are easy to please, right!?

  14. Yes I do just love the tea cups and so much else in this post.