Pasticcio Quartz

After reading that Seth Apter was written up in the 'zine Pasticcio Quartz, I broke down and ordered a copy. I have been wanting to for some time, but just never got around to it.

The book came in record time - I was out helping DH put siding on the hay barn, when thru the trees, I saw a white FedEx truck coming up the drive. I hot footed it over to the truck - wondering what it could be bringing me!!!

It was a light and tiny box, surprisingly- but for what it lacked in pounds, it definitely made up for it in weighty material!!
This issue 10 is chock full of all sorts of interesting stuff- articles on paper dolls, Bil and Cora Baird puppets (one of my all time favs), rubber stamps, harajuku fashion, New Mexico, Seth Apter (great article!), Kelly Moore, and a pictorial tour of co-author Angela Cartwright's home.

Angela Cartwright, and her unruly partner in art, Sarah Fishburn have put together a wonderful series of  'zines entitled Pasticcio Quartz. These soft cover books- not quite a book, not quite a magazine - cover so much in the altered art mixed media world, and then some - I think everyone could find something of interest within its pages.

I actually could not wait to read it, so, between helping put up galvanized siding- while he hammered, I read- I managed to get thru the book cover to cover. It's now on my nightstand (not the wagon) and I will be reading it over and over.

Blogger is NOT allowing me to post pix tonite -VERY ANNOYING!!!!! I will try revising this post tomorrow -with pictures!!!

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  1. Pasticcio is definitely one of my favorite reads. Cover to cover it is always filled with such a great variety of art and more. Good things do come in small packages!