Tea on Tuesday

Sadly, my tea post today, will be photo free!!!

Since last night, I have been having issues with uploading pix on blogger. Hair pulling frustratingly aggravating - I have no clue what the problem is. I just know that a different looking page pops up when I click on the picture icon - and then it takes forever (literally) to load - and never does actually load.

Soooo- today I will talk about junque-ing - a pastime near and dear to my heart!!! Thrift shops, antiquing, yard sales, dumpster diving- you never know what treasures abound!!!

I saw an interesting article this morning on Etsy, that I must send  you all to!

It deals with the philosophy of object nihilism, the anatomy of a landfill, the historical culture of garbage or discarded "treasures" in our throwaway society.

Etsy has a partial interview with Robin Nagle, anthropologist in residence with NYC's Department of Sanitation- who knew a trash company would have an anthropologist on staff!!!! She is working on establishing a Museum of Sanitation in NY.

You can read the complete interview here - interesting website I have yet to fully investigate - www.believermag.com.
Since I believe one man's trash can be another's treasure - this article piqued my interest! The photos in the Etsy article were compelling - particularly the first one- of a dead baby albatross with his colorful yet completely indigestible stomach contents exposed.The others were less graphic, but very interesting from an artistic standpoint.

A book to be read (altho maybe not with that cup of tea or breakfast!) : Dirt: A Social History, by Terence McLaughlin

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  1. I couldn't load pics & spent AGES trying to work it out even now not easy !
    Your swap goodies are in the post !

  2. Yes, blogger is changing things AGAIN. sigh...but I enjoyed your post anyway.

  3. I had no trouble loading photos just a few minutes ago, since my post was quite late today. I'm sorry to hear you are having problems. Blogger got to me last week and I was ready to pull out my hair, so I know the feeling.

    I did, however, totally enjoy your post, and went to both links. I already read through the etsy post, but only skimmed the full interview with Robin Nagle. I have it open, though, so will read it as soon as I visit the other Tea Tuesday gals.

    Thanks for this post. As someone who HATES trash, I am glad to read your post, even though it's not Earth Day. I was recently at an event and the guy was going to throw out a few fliers that had not printed correctly. I had to BEG him to let me have them, since he was bound and determined they needed to go to the trash.

    Again, thanks for these links and your awesome post. Happy Tea Tuesday.

  4. oh I am lost without photos for posting ... hope you get things ironed out real soon ... never fun when things aren't cooperating!

    I will check out your links ... you know we are on the same page on those topics ;)

    Happy T Tuesday to ya Lady!

  5. I am very sorry about your blogger issues! but you really captured me with your report today that is so fascinating! i will visit those links - it a subject near and dear to me! And you definitely ARE the queen of treasure hunting!

    Happy Tuesday! Kimmie

  6. Your posts are treasures in themselves, I miss the photos :) good luck getting things working again. Happy tea time :)

  7. I too miss your photos, but your words are always a good read for me. I hope you begin next week back in the grove with the computer.Lennie

  8. ... just checking in .... hope everything is ok?!?
    hugs, Kimmie

  9. I just wanted to pop in and say Hello! I also wanted to tell you how excited I am to be paired up with another artist and tea junkie for the Samhain swap. :)