Tea on Tuesday

It's Tuesday, and tea time again - what to talk about, what to talk about...........................hhmmmm.

Guess I'll just show pics.

Here's a new rooisbos tea I'll be trying - smells lovely! African Autumn - a perfect title for the season.

I am sitting at my fall decorated dining room table (new runner and mats courtesy of my daughter), looking out the window at "my" deer. There were 14 of them here the other morning.I was worried, not having seen them around- there was a neighbor and others, illegally killing them for a time. Bow hunting season is now upon us, and fortunately, I think the deer are fully aware of that. They avoid my husband's tree stand, but have started showing up again, out front,  at the crack of early, to graze and play. This photo was taken with the telephoto- they are about 900 feet away, at the beginning of our driveway, behind the church. The first morning of bow season, my brother, who was visiting, took an early morning walk, and ran into several deer. The last one, he came face to face with - they calmly contemplated each other for a while- then he spoke to her - and told her, that he should be the last human that she comes in contact with - because today is the beginning of hunting season. Apparently, she took heed, and spread the word to her friends and family!

I picked what it probably the last harvest from my garden- and turned it into my breakfast today, along with some locally laid eggs, and a hunk of wonderful bread left over from brunch at Panera's yesterday!

And Tea on Tuesday wouldn't be complete, without showing some fab thrift store tea finds (thanks, Linda!)

A violet theme chocolate(?) pot with matching cup, a lovely teapot (who cares if the lid is cracked!) another china cup and matching plate for the collection, and this vintage lily of the valley plate- my favorite flower!

As always, we welcome anyone to join us for Tea on Tuesdays - just read, or comment, or write a post of your own on your blog. Visit Kimmie and see links to other ToT participants on her sidebar.


  1. I'm delighted to see your post. I was a bit worried about you. It is time for lunch and I really want that omelet. It looks yummy, yummy. And those vintage pots and china are gorgeous. I like the rose pot. Since my roses didn't bloom this year, I've been stuck on rose designs and patterns.

    I hope "your deer" are safe. It's sad about the poachers. It's also sad when the deer get used to being "domesticated," then need to run for cover. However, as a former hunter, I understand the other side, too. Happy Tea Tuesday. I'm SO glad to see your post!

  2. This is TOO funny. Looks like we were both posting at the same time. Great minds and all!

  3. Enjoyed your photos. The china is sooo pretty. We have some deer down here but mostly wild turkeys come thru the yard. They better watch out at Turkey Day is coming soon! I love Rooibos tea and it was nice having tea with you today.

  4. I so love your pink plate, & the tea finds are wonderful! I get so unsettled when I see deer visible during hunting season ... I can sit for hours & just watch these beautiful creatures.

    Have a great week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  5. I'm glad you're back and seemingly a-ok computerwise :)
    I love the story of the deer and the encounter with your brother - that would have been a priceless conversation to eavesdrop on :)

    Happy Tuesday! Kimmie

  6. So SO lovely tea time with you Pat!
    The deer must be drawn to your gentle spirit.
    Love all of your treasures (including your words) that last plate with the lily of the valley and bluebells is WOW!
    Thought of you while we were out in CA

  7. Oogles, I love your photos--especially the plate with the Lilly of the valley! Just gorgeous :)
    Enjoy the tasty sounding tea. Very pretty place mats too.

  8. Beautiful tea wares! Lovely table and deer too... and breakfast looks yummy!

  9. a warm and sweet visit here. thanks...

  10. It is so special to see Deer - I look for them when I'm on the train going to London. The track goes through the New Forest. I'll be going tomorrow so maybe I'll be lucky !

  11. Lovely photos. The deer sneak across our back field to water at a nearby river. It is wonderful just watching them.