Trying New Things

Between accomplishing items on a long to-do list, I managed to get a few fun things squeezed in!

After reading Patty's blog the other day, about drying flowers, I followed her  link to another blog, about microwaved dried flowers.

Well, after reading that, I just had to follow her link, and order myself a microwave flower press!!!
Lee Valley has a wonder-full garden catalog AND tool catalog!! What a Christmas wish list I could make from here!!!
Made of terracotta, the flower presses come in two sizes. Mine is the 6" x 6". With a lovely celtic looking flower design on both sides, and small vent holes, the press comes with two thick wool pads, and two thin cotton sheets. The flowers are placed between the cotton, which is between the wool, which is between the two pottery pieces. Put in the microwave. You are advised to microwave in 30 second increments, which I did. Putting one to 3 flowers in at a time, mine were done in 1 minute 30 seconds.The time varies by the type of flower- you just have to play with it to figure it out.

A far cry better than the old fashioned way of putting them between paper in a heavy book - instant gratification!!!



The other new "thing"- also inspired by Patty - one of my main sources (and links), of late, for all things creative- felted soap!

When I first saw this process, I wondered why!?? Because, quite honestly, I wondered how sanitary it really was? To coat your soap in a wool jacket? It's kind of like wrapping a washcloth around your soap, and using it over and over.
That being said, it is a fun and soothing process, that gets your hands and fingers all wrinkly. The end result is pretty, if nothing else!!! The soap is pretty- NOT the wrinkly hands!!!

*First, get a bar of soap,(throw away the wrapper, of course!)pick out some colorful wool roving, and wrap the roving around the bar of soap.

* Next dribble a bit of hot water from the faucet on to the bar  to wet the roving. Start pressing the wool to the soap, it will start lathering up. The idea is to felt the wool to the bar. I used a textured candlestick to gently rub the wool. I also used my felting needle (for the first time!) to move the process along. Keep wetting the soap.

*After about 15 or 20 minutes, and terribly wrinkled fingers, change to cold water. Press the lather out.
*Blot and press the soap in a towel, to get all the extra lather out. Dry as much as possible.
* Set the soap bar aside to completely dry out. I put mine on top of a glass, so the air could circulate.

* My germ phobias aside, :>)- this does look kinda cool!!!

For a better soap "tutorial", just google felting soap, or visit Patty's blog.

Now- it's time to get off the computer, and finish that to-do list!!!!


  1. The flowers look BEAUTIFUL after drying and the soap is interesting. (I'd probably have the same phobia about it as you....LOL)

  2. Aren't you sweet and kind dear Pat, thanks for the shout outs! You inspire me too!!!

    I like to think of the soap in a sweater as a "personal" bar used for feet and a little extra scrubbing ... not a community bar of soap ;)

    You make me "almost" think I need a microwave, your flowers are splendid with perfect colors too ... we've held out this long without one

    now tell me did you make just one felted soap LOL ... yours is super ... lots of wrinkly water play isn't it!

  3. The microwave flower press is an excellent idea! I usually put flowers between books and forget about them!! A nice little surprise when I go to read a book months/years later LOL!!
    The felted soap looks like a lot of fun, Mmmm I think I most prob would have the same germ phobia LOL, but they look fab!!

    Jan x

  4. The flowers are simply trick would be to get them before Momma Deer eats them...she was here first :O). I want to try to felted soaps also thanks to Ms. Patty...she is always so generous with inspirations. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. As a born, raised and educated Virginian, I just had to stop by your blog and say hello. From the description of where you live, I can't figure out where you are!! I'm from Roanoke now live in Chicago. That felt soap is very interesting.


  6. you really know how to have fun :)

    thanks for the soap how-to .... it looks like a great project!

  7. OOh the flower press is lovely. I had one as a child & have no idea what happened to it.

    I saw Patty's felted soap - I must admit it has me wondering too but it's so pretty.

  8. popped back by for a visit ... here is the direct link with a special footnote at the end for all of your germ a phob visitors ;)

    Happy Long Weekend to you and yours Pat!

  9. Thanks for stopping by. My niece lives in Harrisonburg, my sister now lives in Stuarts Draft and my other sister and I visit every October. First Roanoke, next Stuarts Draft, Harrisonburg, Dayton's Farmers' Market, Cheese Shop you get the picture? I love, love, love that area.

    Happy Virginia 4th!


  10. Happy 4th. What a way to celebrate. Love the results you get with your new microwave press. I never thought about steam holes when I pressed mine between two corning plates. And felting soap is so much fun. I did mine in the sink, so probably used too much water. Great results.

  11. You did a great job,Love the flowers and the soap turned out lovely as well. Great pictures to make everyone who sees it give it a try too! Wonderful, have a grand day for the 4th and stay safe. Lennie