Down on the Farm

Blog surfing this morning and came across a post by Jodi at The Jolly Bee

She was talking about one of my favorite new shows that debuted not too long ago on Planet Green.
I have started autotuning it each week, so I don't miss it! It's on tonite, by the way.

  The show is called The Fabulous Beekman Boys - the name caught my eye, because I recall a hotel near my family summer home, in Rhinebeck, NY, called The Beekman Arms. I tuned in, just to see what it was all about - and I am hooked!!!
Two city boys, from NYC, pursued a dream to own a home in the country, and have turned it into both a home and a business venture.
I can so relate to some of their experiences, having moved from suburbia to the country - I call myself a country girl wannabe who got to be, having written about it in my other blog.

The "boys" raise goats, make cheese, have gardens, and rent out their home for functions. They are promoting locavore-ism in a big way in the town of Sharon Springs, NY. I do wholeheartedly support being a locavore!

One of the boys is a former VP with Martha Stewart, the other a former drag queen and now an author. They have a llama named Polka Spot, pigs, goats, and Farmer John to help them run the farm. Watching them wash the pigs for an open house, tying ribbons on the goats, and parking the farm equipment just so- with buckets aligned perfectly to suit one of the boy's type A personality, is just so entertaining!!

Mind you, I was NEVER than funny assimilating into the country life- but it is amusing to see how they are making a go of it - and VERY successfully too!

Josh's newest book, The Bucolic Plague, is now out- I am off to  buy it!!!!

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  1. Thanks for the introduction...tomorrow when I am more awake I will try to look them up. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart