Tea on Tuesday

I decided today's post would be a more light hearted look at the world of tea!
I follow a blog called Teapotsteapotsteapots Andy is an artist (there is a link to his own art blog in his sidebar) and he features tea related art in each of his posts.

The following links are some that I found scrolling thru his posts and sidebar.

One of his posts was about an adorable new book called Steampotville, where animals dress up and live in a town filled with teapot houses. It is touted as a book for kids and adults alike.  Gotta get this book!!!

Another art blog, from across the pond, has created a beautiful and bright teapot poster. He gets his inspiration, at times, from teapots he sees on teapotsteapotsteapots!

And for a clever and distorted look at teapots,tea infusers, and gravy boats- check out the metalwork of Mister Clarke!

Last, but not least, join the Tea Appreciation Society blog. A modern take on tea- one of the recent posts is about a woman who saves, dries, and dates all her teabags, with a little note saying where, when, and with whom she shared that cuppa!!! She has 32,000(!) teabags stored in 3 suitcases!!!

Today's tea is the good old fashioned powdered kind from the supermarket- surprisingly good! It makes a great iced tea, with a sprig of mint, fresh from the garden. A teaspoon of my lavender syrup makes it that much more special! Granted, a loose leaf green tea, steeped and then iced would be the right and proper way to do it. But, if you are short on time - this is a tasty alternative!

Some of the freshly picked lavender above, and a few of the lavender wands/bottles I've been making. The pile is much bigger now!!!

Please visit all our other tea partiers, and join us if you like! All are welcome!! Drop by Kim's blog for a list of all the participants.


  1. I love your lavender wands! How do you make them? And what are they used for?

    I have the same tea cups, although I think of them as beakers. They're just big enough for my husband and I because we're hard core English breakfast tea aholics!

    Thanks for the interesting post, and cheers!

  2. Lovely and refreshing tea, I enjoyed "afternoon" T with you so much too in your previous post :)

    Your rainbow lavender wands are gorgeous ... such soothing work that is.
    Happy T Tuesday for real oxo

  3. These wands area amazing. I love how colorful they are. I am going to check out your blog link and he may show up as my pick of the day soon. Thanks for sharing.

    I also enjoyed your afternoon tea in the previous post. In fact, at first I thought it was the Tea Tuesday post. You must be really Tea inspired this T Tuesday.

  4. thanks for all the great links!!! and personally, I love that powdered iced tea - it makes the very best sweet tea I think! and it always makes me crave a grilled cheese sandwich :)
    Happy T today!!! Kimmie

  5. It's too early for me for tea yet, but I love the look of your cup of iced tea and your wands are beautiful, love the colour of ribbons you chose :) tfs the links too.

  6. Cool sites! Thanks! Your lavender is lovely... I bet the syrup is wonderful...

  7. ooo i'm so jealous of your lavender...but i wouldn't trade for your weather lately...thanks for all the fun links!! i, too, think the jars of instant tea are lovely but lavender syrup must make them divine!!!

  8. Love you rainbow lavender wands, very classy and I can almost smell the lavender. Lennie

  9. I would love to try lavender lemonade...but my lavender flowers were not plentiful. :( The wands are beautiful! Wonderful post, Pat.