Tea on Tuesday- Texas Tea

Today, my tea post is not on the cheery side, and I do apologize for that. But, it is one that needs to be brought up - especially for us who like to have clean water available for our tea!!

Remember the old Beverly Hillbillies tv show - the Clampetts made their way to Beverly Hills and a huge mansion thru the discovery of oil on their property - Texas Tea, as it was called in the theme song.

In the shadow of the never ending BP debacle, another oil controversy is emerging. This one is in danger of "attacking" where I live.

Hydraulic fracturing, or hydrofracking- digging for oil in the shale below ground. We here in Va, have the fortune, or misfortune, in this case, of living over the tip of the Marcellus Shale.

Several months ago, there was a meeting in the next town, discussing the pros and cons (mostly cons) of allowing the big companies in to establish wells in the fields and forests right here. I did not take much notice, not realizing the enormity of the situation.

Now, I do realize the necessity of oil in our lives. What I don't agree with, is the lying, cheating, and misinformation, and resulting damage to the earth, that gets that oil into our lives.  Something has to change!

Last night, I watched a documentary on HBO - Gaslands. What an eye opener that was!!! If watching the tap water coming out of a kitchen faucet shooting up in a huge flame when a match is put to it doesn't get ya', seeing film of desecrated land, animals dying, horses losing their hair, people becoming ill from the invisible pollution from the digging, fracking chemicals, and condensation tank emissions, might just cause you to think a minute.

On today's to do list, is to send an email to the local organizers, to find out the status of the applications to drill. Better late to the party, than never attending!

 The North Fork of the Shenandoah River is downstream for the proposed drilling site. That's "my" river below.

If you want to learn more about this, and to see if you live in an area that might be affected some day, watch the film Gaslands by Josh Fox  Another film that was shown locally, and I missed seeing, is Split Estate.
Also, google, hydraulic fracturing, hydrofracking, Halliburton loophole, gas drilling and its effect on the watershed. One link will lead you to another, and another, and another.............

Remember, Texas Tea is NOT the kind of tea you want in your water...........................

For more light hearted Tea on Tuesdays, please visit Patty and Kimmie for a list of other participants. Be sure to check out Kimmie's beautiful art work, depicting wildlife who are effected by the BP oil spill.

Please feel free to join us for Tea on Tuesdays- the more, the merrier!!


  1. great post Pat, I had seen snippets of the Gasland movie and will try and see the entire thing, maybe solar energy will finally become a more affordable alternative or for those in windy areas, the wind turbines ... those could help alleviate the thirst for oil and such ... it is easy to take all of our conveniences for granted ... just not very wise, is it
    thank you for the info and for the beautiful picture too
    Happy T Tuesday oxo

  2. The perfect post of Tea Tuesday. I don't get HBO, so I'll have to see what I can learn about this on the internet. It's never much of thing "problem" until it hits in your area. I've been saying for weeks that the BP oil spill affects my area more than people think, even though I'm over a thousand miles from it. When we all wake up and realize how connected we are, things will change.

    So glad you opened a few eyes today. Thanks for pointing to this problem.

  3. "hydrofracking," sounds like hydrof***ing to me
    Good for you Pat - it's YOUR land their talking about!!!

    Oh, and happy T today :)

  4. Yes better late to the fight than never... Because my career is in the field of natural resources conservation... I can't stress enough... the earlier and the more stakeholders involved, the more you can do... I see it... experience it every day... Take ownership...get involved... speak out!

  5. Great post Pat! I would have never thought about it. Clean water for tea is tops on my list!