Afternoon Tea at My Dining Room Table

I could have shown you the view out my windows, where the neighbor is mowing our fields - but instead I will share the view on my dining room table.

Thrift shop treasures, a turkey vulture's feather (it might have been more appealing to say a goose feather, but that would not be true!), a silverplate 1915 knife that I stamped with a reminder to myself, my spirit horses, dried peonies from the garden, and a tiny copper bird's nest I just wove (after inspiration this morning from Barbara and having seen the nests Patty has made). You can click on the photos for a closer look......


  1. Ahhhhh...I want to sit at your table! So lovely, and that little teapot find is a treasure. Plus, I adore your little bird nest done in copper wire. It's very pretty, wasn't it fun?!

  2. what a delightful place to sit and meditate over a cup of tea.

  3. How lovely.
    Pat I posted early ...I'm not in a different time zone !!!! ( South of England )

  4. I too want to sit with you at your table. In spirit, I shall. Lennie

  5. such a lovely T post in every way dear Pat ... you done good/great with your metal stamping ... such a simple word and yet!

    enjoyed the close up of each still life ... so much to enjoy!

    Happy Sweet T Tuesday, tomorrow it should be lots cooler ... I can hardly wait!
    p.s. thank you also for the kind mention, I am still crazy about weaving wee nests, yours is gorgeous with its sparkling amber eggs! bet you can make just one ;)

  6. Lovely post :) the nest is just beautiful, love things like that--stones are so pretty!

  7. another tea post!!!
    I love your settings of lovely things :)