A Little Bit of Everything...........................

 Two of my latest thrift shop goodies -  my friend, the rummage queen, found one for me, I found the other -

She found this old patchwork quilt - can't even call it a crazy quilt - it is just a mishmash of feed sack and old fabric sewn every which way. No rhyme or reason, and repairs here and there, but somehow, it still  works!

The back is what used to be blue squares sewn together, and the binding is hand stitched. The patchwork pieces are machine stitched together, alot have been replaces or repaired, there are still a few holes here and there. I'm not sure what kind of batting/stuffing was used - but it's pink!! This very crazy quilt is in 4 large blocks of patches, is about a twin size, age- who knows?

The item I found is this  little honeycomb pattern vintage teapot, crazed and stained, but oh, so cute!!!!

Final find - this great old wire shopping basket, a stack of them were outside in the half price bin, at the local craft store - wish I could have gotten more of them!!!!

This final shot is just because it's sooo cute!!! My barn has 3 bird houses hanging on the outside, and one inside. The one inside has been used for the first time this year by a family of sparrows.
There is a starling nest in the eaves above one of the feed buckets, and another sparrow family set up house next to the clerestory style window up in the eaves.
Last year, a family of wrens took up residence in one of the helmets hanging on the wall - (they built nests in both riding helmets, but only used one!) This year, they came back, almost when I thought they had moved on to better housing- there they were!
The other night, I went into the barn,  and there was one of the fledgling babies on the floor of the barn - I didn't need him getting stepped on in the dark, and altho he was probably ready to be out of the nest, I picked him up and put him back in, and quietly explained to him his timing was a bit off!!  I took a picture (actually I took alot of pics, but this one about sums it up!)- he scurried out of the nest again and stood on top of the helmet glaring at me!! He was really not much bigger than a mouse and light as the proverbial feather. This was a few days ago - and when I checked the nest today - there are 4 little babies in there- and I am assuming the adventurous one is one of them! The mother wren is always close by. Wrens are so curious - most birds will fly up and away when you approach, she will duck down under the wood pile, or behind the trash can, and just keep a close eye- chirping to her kids the whole time.

You can click on the photos for a closer look.

Needless to say, those helmets will never be worn again!! Be careful what you hang or put on the ground, in a barn- someone will take up residence almost immediately!!!


  1. Sha-zamm! What a great quilt & they sure are old feedsack fabrics! I have every single feedsack that I can see in your pictures ... love it! The teapot is wonderful ... the birds are darling! It is such fun to have things like this occur to enjoy.

    Have a lovely & safe 4th ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. Oh how I love the helmut birdhouses, your birdies are almost as creative as you are!!!!! Lennie

  3. What great things you are showing us here today! The baby birds are so cute!!!!

  4. OMGosh Pat those birdies are so darn cute and cozy looking in their riding helmet nest!!!
    Love your beezy weezy teapot and the quilt is such a blend of wonderful fabrics ... great closeups ... meant to say that about your tangled clipboard too! I enjoy clicking on pics and getting up close and personal ;)
    oh and that wire basket! it's a treasure for certain! they don't make em like that anymore!

  5. Great finds, I love the teapot and the babies are soo cute!