Tea Tasting and More...

Dropped in at Julieanna's yesterday for their monthly tea tasting and some chitchat. Susan, from Over a Teacup, always has a lovely presentation. Yesterday was a rooibos iced tea, or a black mint flavored tea, with mini scones and strawberry cake.

Part of the conversation was a discussion on the upcoming construction at Julieanna. They are planning to put in a kitchen, and rearrange a wall to accommodate seating for tea parties. I know I will be dropping in for tea!!!

Of course, one can't go to Julieanna without browsing, and inevitably, buying!!!! She has everything from teapots, teacups, windchimes, teacup bird feeders, upcycled china, jewelry by Julie, loose leaf teas, and antiques.

Yesterday, I noticed something I had been looking for for a long time, at a reasonable price, and I had to get it! I call it a sewing box - but I am sure there is probably another name for it. The liner looks a little newer than the box itself, and a couple of the jars need to be replaced - but it's mine!It measures 17" x 31" when closed.

One of the jars is kind of neat - it says "hospital size- for hospital use only". Pockets, jars and spool pegs- very cool!!

I also could not resist the calabash pin cushion from Hawaii!!! One can never have enough pin cushions, altho' I am approaching overload at this point!

I even managed to get a few Father's Day goodies at the adjoining bait shop - how convenient was that!!!

If you are ever in Broadway, be sure to check out Julieanna's, and sign up for their mailing list,(join their FB page too) so you won't miss out on the tea classes, tastings and special sales.


  1. That sewing box is just grand. What size is it?

    I am looking at the pincushion and thinking I have some fabric with that print that I got from Barb in American Samoa!

  2. I should have taken the pic with the label off the pin cushion!!!LOL I will measure the sewing box and add it to this post later!!!

  3. Lovely and fun stuff. Love the sewing box. And, the Hawaiian pin cushion is beartiful.

    Enjoy your day...Dogwood

  4. I hve the same pin cushion from Hawaii (just different color)....

    Love your find...

  5. What gorgeous finds. Wish I lived close enough to visit!

  6. What great things you always find. Ummmm....about that jar labeled for hospital use only...I'd be certain to wash it out REALLY well...never know what might once have resided in that jar!!! LOL

  7. You have discovered and recovered a real treasure to hold onto...every spec is interesting and invites total dedication to your journey in making sacred marks. Lovely! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  8. what a cool find! I love the upholstered cover on it too - it is kind of a mystery box isn't it?!

  9. Wonderful case you found, I can see it used for just about any hobby :)

  10. Wow, what an awesome case. I can see why you've been looking for it for so long. And please let us know when you attend one of her tea parties. It sounds like an undertaking, but fun.

  11. I seem to have missed a whole slew of your posts ... not sure how that happened!

    You certainly have a good eye for treasures!