Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming - Tea on Tuesday

I have not been drinking too much tea of late - except for some sweet southern tea with my lavender syrup!!!

I recently purchased a Health Master blender - this is the GREATEST thing ever!! It could probably blend concrete if need be! I have been having smoothies every day. I prefer the ones with tons of fruits, but my daughter made one the other day, from a recipe in the Health Master book.

It is made with green tea- and is kind of yummy!! Here's the recipe - and I'm sure it is doable with just an average blender or juicer, if you slice up the fruit in small pieces.


2 cups green tea cold
1/4 honey dew melon ( we have substituted mango - equally good)
1/2 cucumber
1 apple cored and peeled
1 cup ice

In keeping with tea on Tuesday - a friend found me this vintage tin and a teapot drip catcher at the thrift store- thanks, Linda!!!

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****And, be sure to drop in to Jane Monk's blog for a birthday month giveaway of a fab zentangle travel mug- perfect for tea!!!*****


  1. ooooh that green tea/melon smoothie sounds totally yummy!!! good for you with the Health Master .... it has a nice ring to it - I could use a Health Master in my life too ;)

    cool vintage tin and tea gadget - you find/get the coolest stuff:)

    happy T today!!! Kimmie

  2. That green tea melon cooler sounds wonderful. It is going on my list of thing to make in the kitchen. I love trying out new 'cool' drinks in the summer. Thanks...Dogwood

  3. You got a cadillac of a blender that's for sure!
    Your smoothie sounds so refreshing!
    Happy T Tuesday all week long!

  4. Thanks for stopping by. I purposely waited late today to make sure I caught everyone's posts. When I got there, most everyone had posted early. Go figure.

    I love the idea of cucumber and honeydew melon together. I'm sure the apple adds a nice zing, so I may have to try it. Of course, I'll have to use a blender, since I don't have anything nearly as great as your Health Master.

    You sure are lucky to have a friend with the sense to snap up that tin. It is darling.

    See you Saturday!!

  5. ooh I love the vintage tin ! Not so sure about the smoothie - I'll stick to fruit only but you have reminded me that I haven't tried iced tea for years ! thank you !

  6. The smoothie sounds delicious, perfect for a hot day!