Sketchbook Art Project 2011

I was blog surfing this morning and came across and interesting post on This I Didn't Know

There is a place called the Brooklyn Art Library, and they are having a sketchbook project again this year.
There was a video of a CNN report on last year's sketchbook project- and wow- looks like fun!!!!

I signed up - there is a fee. Your Moleskine Cahier is mailed to you- you decide on a topic - there is a list to choose from. The Moleskines are in a variety of colors - I REALLY wanted the kraft paper brown cover - but that choice did not come up - so, I guess they are out of those already!! Looking at last year's video - it appeared that kraft brown WAS the cover of choice!!! There are already 5,655 people signed up!!!!!!!! Deadline for signup is Oct and project is due early January.

The finished sketchbooks are categorized, organized and sent on a tour across the country. You can choose to have your book digitized for the library's website- I did that. If you decide you want to part with your art while it's on tour- you can include a sale price. At each tour site, the public comes in, sits down, grabs an art journal and enjoys what has been created.So, keep in mind, your work will be handled- by quite a few people! If your project is digitized, it can be seen, page by page, online. How cool is that?

I am excited- kind of stepping out of my comfort zone again - but the ideas are already swirling around in my head. Altho I don't have the skills of alot of the artists I see who create journals (like Patty, for instance!), this will help me expand - I hope!!LOL
If you are one of those talented artists out there- and there are alot of you - I have been following your blogs!- check out this website and give it a shot!!!


  1. Very Cool Pat and we need COOL, but that's another topic ;)
    You are too nice to mention me ... you are such a talented artist and original thinker ... can't wait to see what you do with your sketchbook!
    The CNN video clip was super ... I am imagining how many volunteers it takes to organize the flow of sketchbooks and more = Wowee!
    Thanks for the links!

  2. Interesting stuff and I am sure it will be popular. Thanks for linking.

  3. What a very clever idea, these touring sketchbooks! Love the idea, and I look forward to seeing yours develop over the next few months I also enjoyed the video. Lennie

  4. Ooo, I have read about this project-- I am horrible at art journling so would be hard pressed to fill a whole composition book! I hope you share some of what you do!

  5. It's times like this I wish I were into journaling. I'm really proud of you and your bravery in stepping outside your comfort zone. What an awesome project. I hope you'll post occasional updates (pages) on your blog, too.

  6. I have been reading about this project recently on the blogs and it sounds really interesting. I hope that the exhibit comes by me because I would love to be the one reading all these to-be-made journals.

  7. I'm not an artist. I am an art/artist appreciator! When I go to an exhibit--local or one of the "masters", I always hope for a sketchbook. I think they are the "soul" of the artist.