Tea on Tuesday

I am enjoying some ginger tea, all the way from Finland.

Pulling out a rarely used teacup- Foley English china from Cotswold....I do have some Finnish Arabia teacups, which might have been more appropos- oh, well!!!

I had a bag of this ginger loose leaf tea, sent to me by a friend (Teresa!), and my bag was almost empty, try as I might, to make it last forever!!

Another friend, who is Finnish, went home to Finland for a 3 week vacation. I was watching her baby lambs (100 lb babies!) - socializing them, being a lamb whisperer. All right ! I was playing with them- while she was gone.  LOL

From left:  CJ, Spiderman, and Gaga (red on CJ is from rubbing on the red gate)

I think they are Suffolk, altho Spidey may have a little of a fleece sheep mixed in

Spidey, wondering where his after lunch clover is

The fabulous freckles that are Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga foreground- she is a sweetie and quite a looker!

CJ (aka Calamity Jane) is the one with the best conformation and show quality, and of course, the one who was the least friendly of the three( and most camera shy)!! She has come around - and towards the end of the vacation, would come to me looking for her treats,and would permit full body rubs!! I understand she is now walking on a lead, in preparation for her County Fair debut! I told myself at the onset, NOT to get attached to them - but I think I failed......

I have to admit, my favorite is Spiderman (named that because he was caught eating spider webs)- he is a love, very affectionate, and would fall asleep in my hands while I was petting him. He would also ba-a-a-a when he realized it was my car that pulled up, and ba-a-a plaintively when I left. The lanolin in the sheep's wool is so good for your hands - and made the leather in my old work gloves so supple!!!LOL I can't think of anything worse than being a lamb in the hot humid weather of Va- but surprisingly, they fared far better than I did with the heat those 3 weeks!
Spidey napping

Back to the tea - I asked Jo, if she saw any, and had a chance while in Finland, to please bring me back a bag of that wonderful ginger tea.

Well!!! Look what I got, very unexpected - all for having fun with 3 lovely lambies!!!!

3 bags of ginger tea - obviously, one from each little lamb (!), and some lovely Marimekko goodies and chocolate!!! That purple suede Marimekko wallet with goblet design is wonderful!!!! Thank you Jo!!!

On a different "note" - please enjoy this group - called - appropriately enough for today's post - 

                                              THE TEACUPS!!!

Please join us each Tuesday for tea - drop by Patty and Kim for a list of other tea lovers!!!


  1. I love the sheep! In fact I spin wool so I tend to love all sheep. You were so blessed to be asked to care for these beautiful critters. Enjoy your tea!

  2. Being a caregiver never looked so good. I wish I got paid as well (in tea) when I take care of my neighbor every time she has to go in the hospital.

    All this tea is going to be fun to enjoy, as you spread it out over several Tea Tuesdays. In fact, have a great one today!

  3. Thank you for sharing the link ...I Love their music....:))
    and your little tea cup is so pretty...
    have a wonderful Tuesday and the week ahead...


  4. Looks like you and the lambs had a wonderful time! And what lovely gifties! I have cut and sifted ginger root that I add to some of my tea blends.

  5. such sweet sheepies! I would love to have a babysitting job like that one! and how nice of your friend to bring back such nice treats from Finland! I do so LOVE Merimekko!

  6. Such sweet ba-ba-babies!! My giger tea has been long gone. Time to go back to Finland if I ever recuperate from the latest 5-country marathon.

  7. A GREAT STORY! What beautiful little sheep. I love their names and I love their personalities!! You are a wonderful Lamp Whisperer. Your tea cup is delightful and I love your gifts. What a great 3 weeks for you!!!

  8. How wonderful to receive the ginger tea you wanted as well as all the other gifts. Sounds like a sweet deal; especially since you got to spend time with those adorable (not so) little lambs. :) Have a fabulous week. Tammy

  9. What a fun post.... spiderman looks like he would get into all sorts of trouble... and the goodies look wonderful... have a great tea week...xx

  10. You are indeed a wonderful sheep whisperer - they all are leash trained now and they look forward to their little walks. 4 weeks ago it wasn't looking so promising! Thank you Pat for your hard work and patience with these critters!