A Day (or two) in Pictures.......

Can you see the vapor trail descending directly from the cloud?

Warmth, and dry river bed, brings out the crawlies..........

Inside, apparently, too!!!!

My sweet John, recovering from his injuries, and wandering around the front yard. When he's done mowing the lawn, he just takes himself back to the barn- Too bad the rest of his herd is not that trustworthy!!!

While I was in the drive thru' of the bank, there he sat....

I have a little, er, uh, BIG shadow that goes in and out with me......

Gorgeous, and not mine....

1st controlled jump ever- poetry (sort'a) in motion

Less than 5 miles from home !!!
A very nice woman did not mind us pulling in her driveway and letting Cisco munch on her lawn, while D/H changed the tire on the trailer...

Yesterday's brief coating of snow, with the mourning doves hunkering down

John, staring intently at me, across the field, thru' the blowing snow, wondering why I am not walking toward him with his bowl of warm mash



  1. ~what a treasure trove of pictures you have shared this day...yoru horses are beautiful...is this your forst jump or the horses first jump??? thank you for sharing a glimpse of your day...much love light and blessings~

  2. Interesting pictures..that flat tire was an ugly one!

  3. Enjoying your day in pictures especially the horses.