Tea on Tuesday

Still haven't figured out what tea I will have today, but thought I would post about our ladies' artsy group that meets the 2nd week of each month, combining creativity and tea.

This was Bobbi and Judy's idea, and we had our 2nd meeting last Thursday at Judy's. 1st meeting was at Bobbi's, where we explored the wonders of needle felting!!! More on that in another post.

When we meet, we have tea, of course! The next meeting is at my house, and I have alot to live up to- after experiencing the wonderful teas at Bobbi's and Judy's houses!!!

Last week, our group played at making greeting cards. Both Judy and Bobbi are experts at it - Bobbi has the Cricut (she just told me there is a sale on them at Michael's, drool, drool,- but I can't justify spending that $ right now.....sigh)
Julie and I did the best we could- in the unfamiliar waters of cardmaking!

I had an uncle and a cousin with birthdays coming up, so I made cards for them. It forced me to dig out and use up some of the endless amounts of ephemera  I have amassed, from online swaps, and my own collecting.  Judy and Bobbi were good enough to share from their enticing caches!!!

First, check out Judy's studio!!! To die for - and soooo organized!!!! Far different from my very disorganized basement studio.......

                 Judy added 3 extra tables to her roomy studio, so we would each have a place to work.

A stamper's paradise- and endless drawers, organized and neatly labelled!

Bobbi, sorting her teapots and cups for the adorable cards she is making for Julie's shop- Julieanna

Judy at her desk

We break for lunch and tea

Judy and Julie

A sumptuous spread

Scones, clotted cream and spreads, sandwiches cut in teapot shapes

 Out to the screened in porch to a lovely table, with scrumptious broccoli soup waiting for us
Judy made everyone a lovely floral bookmark, placed by our plates.

How cute is this little sandwich? - good too!!!

"MY" teacup, that I SOOO wanted to stick in my purse!!!

Desserts- scones, and chocolate cookies, and clotted cream and lemon spread....yummmmmmmm

                                  A lovely centerpiece- I have this very same tea angel at home!!!

                                                Back to finishing our cards.....................................

Julie made hers with fabric - blogger has turned them sideways again......they are really cute!!!!

With blank card stock from Bobbi, I took some of the stuff I brought from home (that little heart came from an online paper swap -anyone recognize sending it?), and made a card for my cousin.

                                     Somehow, I missed getting a photo of the other cards.

A fun time - next month's meeting, at my house (however will I meet the established level of                  teaworthiness????)
we will be making upcycled china pedestals(which takes no time at all!) and crazy quilting.

Drop by Patty and Kim for a list of other tea lovers. Drop back again next Tuesday!!!!

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  1. Absolutely lovely, all of it. It so reminds me of my days with Judy in years gone by when she lived down this way in Broad Run Farms and later in Winchester and I still have the stuff we made and oh how my girls have memories of Judy too. Last night I used my little upcycled china pedestal dish that you made for me with 2 blue and white small dishes, one a saucer and one a bread and butter plate. They are wonderful for so many things.

  2. How wonderful, all of it...the cups, the tea shaped things, the tea angel, the flowers, the cards and especially your friends. Happy tea day to you and your friends.

  3. I sooooooooooo want to join this group!!! Green, emerald, chartreuse, aqua, sea foam, lime with envy!

  4. I wonder what happened to my Captain Jack avatar?

  5. What a wonderful thing for you ladies...crafts & tea....plus a lot of fun & chat. What more could you need???


    I'm just making my rounds...visiting everyone on the linky list....I think I'm #21 on the list...but it's not showing up yet!

    Thanks for sharing your precious tea with me today.
    Hope you'll stop by to read my nostalgic post about my love of collecting and using tea cups!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  7. o yum! how beautiful!! what a special day! and i understand why you'd want to poke that cup into your purse, it's gorgeous!! happy tea day, dear, pop round if you have the time!

  8. The scones caught my eye, my husband has baked a few batches recently, then went to get the clotted cream to go with them. You were ingenious with recovering chairs and a stool (catching up here) in a past post, great idea to use a shower curtain!

  9. Oh what a fun day! Tea and crafting! What could be better?
    The tea setting is wonderful. And your card is fab! I think you are much better at it than you think!

  10. Your friend put on a fantastic teariffic spread. I was impressed with the luncheon, not to mention the craft room. How lucky for you. I know you will do well, though when it is your turn. I hope you had a great Tea Tuesday. I'm a bit late, but my "time clock" is no different than yours (grin).

  11. Dear Pat....It really was a fun day with great friends & productive too. I had such a good time getting ready for our gathering...we seem to have a fun time whenever we get together. So looking forward to gathering at your home to tackle our next project....already have my dishes to build with. Thanks for the beautiful photos you took.....JUDY

  12. That sounds like an absolutely delightful afternoon. Good food, friends and a bit of craftiness makes for a wonderful time indeed. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy