Tea on Tuesday

What to write about? - TEA? Of course!
                      Maybe, happy mail that includes tea- of course!

                                              Spring flowers, of course!!!

                                      All of the above???????????????? OF COURSE!!!!!!!

I received 2 unexpected happy mails  this week - the fact that they are unexpected - makes them all the more happy!!!

First, was a delayed Xmas package - that was supposed to be delivered in person - but life got in the way....

Lovely set of tea towels, a teapot pendant, bird cage, and a hammered spoon.  I need to find that "font" for altered silverware I create!! Love it all!!! Thank you , Montte......

The next really unexpected happy mail came yesterday - just in time to be included in this tea post!!

From faerwillow of the lovely blog serendipity - a wonder-full package of goodies, from a tea swap, that I had long forgotten about. Sometimes, when life gets in the way of getting stuff in the mail (as it does with me on a regular basis!) - it makes it all the more sweeter, when the package arrives- totally unexpectedly!!!

Asian green tea w/brown rice -very yum! A tea book, 2 handmade cards, and a lovely bone china English cup and saucer

                                The tea cup is totally in synch with this post's SPRING theme!!!

                                                 Thank you so much, lady faerwillow

                             Be sure to visit her BEAUTIFUL blog- artful in both words and photos

                                                            the flowers of spring

one of my favorites- forsythia

                                                             a white dilly

the Bradford pear, blossoms but a memory- trees now turning green....

                                                  a brilliant pink hued Easter cactus in full bloom

                                     ......not to be outdone by the phlox in my rock garden......

                                                 or my baby weeping cherry..............................

and let's not forget the distant redbud along the old road

in the distance, the vintage red quince still surrounds the rubble filled foundation of the old farmhouse
My prickly pear cactus has survived another winter, and is plumping up! I am NOT looking forward to weeding  this!!!
        The impossibly teeny wild violets await drying- to be preserved in some future art project

                And, finally, a true sign of spring - the hummingbird feeders are hung and waiting!!!

Enjoy your tea- thanks for visiting!! Be sure to drop by and visit Patty and Kim (who has a giveaway!!!), for a list of more tea loving bloggers!!! 


  1. I love getting happy mail. Your blooms are lovely.

  2. Nice spring photos. Love the Easter cactus best. Love your spring tea cup too. Happy tea day.

  3. ~good morning...ah i am so happy the tea cup and saucer arrived safely...thank you for your kind words above...and the other surprise mail...sigh...love the spoon and bird cage...i have been wanting to try stamping silver...such a delicate look to it...having weeping envy over here...i adore weeping trees of any sorts...your quince is a gorgeous color...we have one that is a pale pink...yours looks so vibrant and rich in color...a wonderful day ahead to you...be well and much love light and blessings~

  4. Such a pretty blog post and what lovely gifts too!!!

  5. lovely sweet early spring....bursting blossoms and greening of branches...violets to press, and hummingbirds to encourage. the busy sweet life here.

  6. Thank you for your lovely spring post! All your spring flowers are gorgeous. Your two gifts are wonderful too. How kind of your friends to shower you with lovely gifts like these. The new cup is so vintage and so spring! Are those yellow primrose flowers?

  7. lovely giftie, LOVE your cup, and gorgeous blooms, thanks so much for sharing, i need flowers!!! happy tea day, dear pat!

  8. Lucky you! It's nice to have forgotten a swap, especially one that is so in sync with your current post. I am totally in LOVE with the photos of spring in your area. It is great to see such beauty in other parts of the country. Last year NONE of my flowers bloomed. Now, after a full week of rain, the tulips have exploded! Wonderful post and beautiful art.

    Thanks so much also for the early morning visit!

  9. Wow! you have LOTS blooming right now! we won't have Phlox until July! and a prickly pear - amazing! I picked up some prickly pear jam while visiting in Arizona last summer - they say it's loaded with Vitamin C - yummy too :)

    great tea swap! how fun! and just in time for your tea post too!

    Happy Tuesday!

  10. Oh just look at all your lovely flowers! Such a pretty tea set as well.
    Happy Tea Day!

  11. Thanks for all the photos, lovely!!!!

  12. You got some beautiful things in the mail! (the teacup is stunning!)

    Thanks for sharing your flowers. Spring is looking gorgeous here too!

    Happy T Day!

  13. I love those tea goodies, and that cup is really lovely and of course your photos are beautiful and capture all the spring flowers... how cool to get hummingbirds... hope you post a pic one Tuesday so I can see them...xx

  14. Always nice to get a surprise in the mail! LOVELY cup~ Have a great week :)