The Pulse of Mixed Media- A Follow Up Project

Seth Apter, of The Altered Page, recently had his first book published!!!

This book was a result of the interaction he had with many online artists, and a survey that these artists all participated in.
I am thrilled to say I got to participate, and altho' I am not one of the 31 spotlighted artists in the book, one of my survey question answers is in there, and my blog is listed. Woohoo! I already got my copy- I pre-ordered on Amazon!!! It's a great, must have book, spotlighting many great artists, including  Angela Cartwright, Sarah Fishburn, and Robyn Gordon- to name a few!!!!

Now, Seth has taken 3 of the survey questions, one from each section of the book, and is asking everyone to answer 1, 2 or all 3. These creations will travel with him on a rotating basis. Very exciting!!

1. The Artistic Ingredient: If your artwork could talk, what would it say?
2. Passion in Action: Who has had the most impact on your creative life?
3. Secrets Revealed: What is one thing you have never shared with the creative community?
Each answer had to  be on a  5" x 5" square,  a piece of paper, card stock, canvas, wood panel, fabric, whatever strikes your fancy. 

There was no specific deadline - one day, he will just pop up and say it is now closed to all submissions!!!

So, I rushed off to complete something.

I have several old book covers (many of which I have given away to others, since I had no idea what to do with them!)
These seemed like the perfect opportunity to use some of what I kept! I searched thru the few I had left, and cut them into three  5" squares, thinking I would answer all three questions - why not?????
Then, I took my little dremel drill and drilled holes in the sides, thinking they could be loosely bound together, so it would fold up in a neat little pile, and/or stand upright.

I was looking for brown card stock for the words, had none, and couldn't find any in the local craft store. Suddenly, I had an idea - not an original idea, I am sure- but thought I would see if my printer would accept a brown paper bag to print on - and it did! Whew!!! Didn't want to hear it from D/H, if I screwed up the printer!!!

Then, I rounded up some of my saved used teabags, some vintage text, and used them to cover one of the squares. Also, found a lovely handmade paper from one of my online swaps, trimmed it up, and started pasting away.

I ripped the text printed on the paper bags, and burned the edges over a candle. That worked for the first few, then some of the thinner bags started going up in flames, a bit too quickly!!LOL So, I "aged" the remaining edges with brown ink.

I "bound" the pieces together with a waxed cord, nothing fancy, so it can fold up, or stand up.

                                                 Here is the finished product

Don't want to spoil the fun- it just went out in the mail today to Seth. Hope he likes it..........

I can't wait to see the other ones, as they come rolling in to his studio!!!!

It does feel good to have actually completed a project-and, on time!!!!


  1. I have two for home and one for my studios to share his words and inspirations. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. This looks amazing! I cannot wait to see it live and in person. Thanks so much.

  3. Oooo your book-cover pieces look exciting! (Thnx so much for the mention)

  4. I so admire anyone who does this kind of art using books, paper, vintage things, burning for effect and so on. It's wonderful!