Last Day of January, 2012 - Take a Walk With Me...... was sunny, and in the mid 60's - the day before February!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!
                                                                 Gorgeous day!!!!!


If you look closely below (click on photo) you can see the tiny
moon still visible at noon, at the bottom center of the pic

                                                      Quince blossoms-sure signs spring is near


                                                             Proof the deer ARE still here


                                        Mosses lush, green, and sending up signs of spring

                            Another rusty treasure to be unearthed before nature hides it away again........


                             In another couple of months, my house won't be visible from this vantage point


                                                   Tree adorned with its lichen brooch......

River art, placed by the current, and left out to dry

                                                                 Dry riverbed's vivid greenery


                                  Scavenged hulls from the walnut grove- for future paint stamping

                                                                      Creek bed rock finds

I was searching for heart rocks, didn't find any - but these were cool - closeup below
                        Fossil or man made - not sure-I'm opting for fossil - it's a keeper either way!

                                                                  Committee meeting!


Turkey or black vultures (buzzards) are very common around here. A band of buzzards is known as a committee, volt, cast, or venue.
I tell my husband NOT to cut down some of the dead trees (known as snags) -if they are not in danger of falling on someone or something-, because not only are the tree cavities great food sources and nesting places for woodpeckers and other wildlife, the dead trees are perfect hangouts and perching places for the vultures.

When you see vultures circling above (floating, playing, searching for food, or just hanging out in the air) that is known as a kettle.  If they are feeding, that is known as a wake. Kind of resembles one, in a morbid way, a group hanging around a corpse. LOL

                 On that uplifting note, hope you enjoyed your walk with me today!!!!


  1. I Love your pictures but even more I Love your words that go with your pictures. Just Lovely and I feel as though I was along for the ride.
    Thank You Dear Pat. Lennie

  2. Wonderful pictures. We get the Turkey vultures in the summer after the eagles have left. The rocks are amazing! I'd like to have that lichen for dying. Believe it or not, it's supposed to produce a nice pink or lavendar!

  3. I LOVE those rusty treasures! What a wonderful walk in your woods. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. I am tired now after taking the walk with some water? Lovely pictures...

  5. That early dawn photo is beautiful :) and I love the signs of Spring! Lovely walk!

  6. Love all your photos! Some of the same things here, moss, and most of all vultures. Keeping the dead trees never occurred to me, but now it will. I vote for real fossil too!

  7. thank you for the wonderful walk...each and every step of the way = beautiful!

  8. Hi there, what a delightful trip around your neighbourhood. Thank you so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  9. Fab photos! I loved the river rocks. The fossilized rock could be way, way old!

  10. Oh how cool! I love your photos, how fun to live in the country! I just found your blog via Patty S's and have added it to my faves. We have turkey vultures here too (southeast PA), I didn't know all that. I saw one up close and they are ugly! LOL! Oh! The one at the bottom is a fossil and a gorgeous one at that!