Tea on Tuesday

                                                First -

                  I must show you the happy, happy, VERY happy mail I received the other day!!!!
                                                                From Gene Black -

This happy little embroidered block, that I happened to notice in one of his posts, and admired- ended up in my mailbox!!! Woohoo- thank you, Gene!!!!
He created it from a free download with his Brother(?) machine.After much thought, I think I am just going to frame it.
                                           LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!
                                          And, it is perfect to show off on Tea on Tuesday!!

This morning's tea, at the crack of early, yet again, is one my friend Teresa sent me from her trip to New Zealand.
                         NZ Breakfast tea (made by Twinings) , with some local VA wildflower honey.

Here is the little group of teas that "T" mailed me - the Black Adder is licorice, and boy, you can almost smell it from across the room!!!!

I am working up my courage to try the hawthorn tea! We have some hawthorn trees on  the property, and I attempted to dry some berries this past season, none too successfully. I am told hawthorn is good for the heart- I will test taste some and report back one of these Tuesdays!!!

Last night, I attended a fabric trunk show at J&B's Country Store/Ben Franklin, in Broadway, Va. Very interesting, and some really cool fabric. Of course, I ordered some.........!!!

Here are some of the quilt tops created from some of his fabric lines:

Some of the samples - I think I ordered the lime green with black swirls below.
OOPS! My friend Bobbie timed walking in front of me just right, I see!!! LOL
**(I had some of my fliers for the upcoming Mountain Meadows Quilt Retreat (August 25, 2012 with Pat Sloan!) printed - so did a little networking and passed them out at the trunk show!!

As soon as the website is up and working, I will let everyone know - so you can make your reservation- class max is 25 students! And, you know, you don't want to miss out on becoming an official "Sloanie"!)

Please join us every Tuesday for tea- drop by Patty and Kim's blogs, for a list of other tea fanciers!!!


  1. The fabric trunk show looks interesting. I would think that was a lot of fun.

  2. Your friend Gene must be an awesome sewer. I can't believe he did that with a sewing machine. It's amazing what quilt fabric looks like. It has such a different look from art quilt fabric. It's great you got to see the trunk show and be able to network at the same time. Happy Tea today (and good luck tasting that Hawthorn tea).

  3. That embroidered piece is gorgeous. Definitely needs to be framed and properly displayed. Never heard of hawthorn tea. Hope your day is great. Tammy

  4. I enjoy how you take so many pictures! I can never wait to open my special packages! I still remember my special letter from you! I carried that article all the way to Florence Italy and back and added it to my scrapbook !

  5. Love that block too, do you need my address, Gene? Seriously, that was very nice of you, and it went to just the right person!

  6. the little embroidered square is beautiful! it definitely needs to be in a frame! your fabric trunk show looks mighty tempting! I'm sure you left with lots of inspiration!! happy tuesday!


  7. That is quite an amazing embroidered square. Framing it to hang is the perfect way to show it off properly. Love your work,Gene! And I agree that it did indeed go to the right person. Lennie

  8. Thank you for sharing this fabric line....it is fabulous!! Your gift is wonderful. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  9. that is amazing....I really love it too!! Happy T Tuesday!!

  10. It's a beautiful sunny day here :)
    You are so lucky to get that little embroidered piece! It's beautiful!
    The fabric is gorgeous too :) happy t day

  11. The embroidered piece is so BEAUTIFUL! Gene did a very nice job on that piece. I think framing it is a good idea. Your gift from "T" is also very special. I would like to try the Black Adder. I loved licorice when I was a little girl. I haven't had it in such a long time. But wonderful gifts indeed. And the fabrics/quilt tops are beautiful.
    Wonderful post today.

  12. Gene did a beautiful job. I have an embroidery machine but no tea cup patterns. Love all the fabrics. I went thru the Cranston Fabric Manufacturing once in Cranston RI. Very interesting how they make fabric. I believe that place is closed now. Happy tea day.

  13. Love the block Gene made for you. How great to see all those fabrics, too!