George Carruth

Remember the little wee creature, who silently greets all by the front door of my friend's house?

Well, it turns out, this sweet babe is a creation from the imagination and hands of sculptor George Carruth.

A mild mannered stone carver from Ohio, George's talent has expanded to include two shops of garden creations.
He has been commissioned to do pieces for the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., and has had an ornament on the White House Christmas tree.
Our little Fulks Run Grocery used to carry his pieces, but only has one small hummingbird plaque left in stock.
I am hoping they get more Carruth pieces in soon, because I NEED this little sweetie in my house!!!

In the meantime, if you want to read more about George Carruth, click on his name above, to view a PBS video, or click right here for his website and store.



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  2. Neat. Off to check out more of George's work.

  3. This is so adorable and touching!

  4. It's wonderful. I will check out the link. Thanks.