Tea on Tuesday

Well, here we are............10 days into the 2012th year!.

I've made no resolutions - except maybe to blog more and be more artsy- finishing what I start!!!!
That's about as resolute as my scattered mind can commit to!!!!
 I am starting a journal for the year.

I dug out a watercolour Moleskine I purchased last year. I calculated, that if I can get 6 days per side of a page - I can fit all the days of the year into this book!!!

So, I have begun- a little blurb about each day, and a little sketch or watercolour...... pigma pens, watercolour pencils and markers. Still have to put paintbrush to water on this page, but so far, I am keeping up with the days........just thoughts and scribble scrabble!

This morning, I am drinking a tea, that suggests I should drink it with someone I love!! Since I am the only one home,  I will drink with my fellow Tea on Tuesday bloggers!

Here's the tea:

As you can see - blogger still refuses to cooperate with flipping pix - I am so frustrated with my inability to figure this out. Considering this was taken with the camera upright - like all the other pix - and this is what blogger chooses to do with some photos.

Here is the teacup of the day- a thrift store orphan that was too pretty to pass up, even tho it had no matching saucer!!
Another sideway that was not sideway ....sigh
Really makes me want to go back to Wordpress, altho I would lose alot of followers!!! And that took me too long!!!! I am wondering what happens when I upgrade to the next camera- how blogger will react!! Never any issues with the Nikon, only with the Canon.....

Anyway, in keeping with the artsy "resolution" for this year, look at all the art supplies that recently fell into my lap! .
D/H helped a friend empty a condo - and all sorts of goodies found their way to my house!!

Portable easel with complete set of oil paints and palettes - never used!!!!

Endless supplies!

                                                               Water colours also!!!

So, more distractions added to my daily living!!!!

I will leave you with an early morning view out my window - frost quickly fading as the sun comes out!

Please join other tea fanciers- visit Patty and Kim for a list!!!

Fell free to join us every Tuesday, even just to visit and comment!!


  1. Good Mornin' to you, Dear Pat, I Love Tuesdays with you and Patty and Kim. You have enough goodies in these photos to keep you thriving all year long! Love it! Lennie

  2. Oh, I love the Winter Wonderland photo! Makes me feel chilled inside and ready for a hot cup of tea.
    Love your journaling idea! I like that you are doing art with the words. It will be great to look at later in the year.
    I like your choice of tea and your art treasures are SWEET! It sort of sad that they were never used, but what a great gift for you!! WIN, WIN!
    As for your picture upload problem, I find that if I go back to that photo and turn it, then upload it again, it comes out right. A little more work, but nicer viewing. I hope the problem will correct itself for you...
    Great post!

  3. Look at the pretty frost. Always good to see it the warm inside.

  4. Looks like you are off to a great start with you artsy resoulution. Having great art supplies always at the ready really helps. When you have to go searching for stuff or put things away at the end of the day it can be a drag.
    Happy T on T~

  5. Love the journal you have started. I am so impressed with your drawing skills. And HOW LUCKY can any one gal get? Pretty lucky, I would say. Nice stash you lucked into.

    I feel for you and Blogger. In fact, I have not seen another person whose blog did that when the photos were uploaded. We can see the intent, though and that is what is important. And that final shot makes me appreciate all the sunshine I have today.

  6. Heart warming and tummy warming tea on Tuesday post! Great supplies in that stash. I love the way goodies find their way to you! The photo is a little slice of heaven. About the photos, are they sideways on your computer before uploading? If not, it's a mystery. Good luck.

  7. Barbara and Brenda - the pics are NOT sideways, nor was the camera held sideways when the shots were taken. For some reason, the come out that way. I had edited them, rotated them, saved as as a new photo when all was "corrected" and they still show here sideways. All the photos were taken at the same time, with the camera held the same way-, in this particular instance. So, I am apparently too computer illiterate to figure this one out.....

  8. great start on your journal! it will be fun for you to look back on what happened throughout the year - especially since you have a farm and so much happens seasonally.

    sorry about your photo frustration - but - sideways is ok - at least they're not upside down!!! and about your "finds" .... have you got a built in magnet for treasure? How cool is that to have a complete art stash! and your orphaned cup is so sweet

    have a beautiful day - it looks like you had a gorgeous morning!

  9. Take a sideways photo with your camera and the blogger may load it correctly. :)

  10. Wow, what a fun filled post. Love the journal first of all. The tea sounds wonderful and would love to try some, so will check out the web site. You have the prettiest cups and also the prettiest view with the frost. Have a happy tea day. :)

  11. This looks like a Christmas morning of art supplies and you will have a great time! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  12. gosh, pat, i don't know what to say! have you contacted the blogger blog for help? where do you load your photos before you load to blogger? i have used nothing but a Canon camera and have never had this problem...I load everything into Picasa and then I upload to Blogger, I don't use the automatic Blogger button though because that gets glitchy...fun supplies and your tea looks really cool!! you seem to have more white stuff than we do!! NO SNOW in Minnesota, go figure!!! happy tuesday!

  13. Enjoyed your tea blog today, have a great week! Diane C.

  14. Oh my goodness, lucky you :) but it's so sad no one chose to use the lovely supplies!
    But your gain :)
    Your juournal looks lovely :)
    The sun came up so beautiful here today too, but very frosty at -10
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  15. Does the teacup have mice on it? Looks like a "Bramley Hedge" design (with a saucer it retailed for $25back in the late '80s, early '90s).

    Awesome freebee supplies! I am always willing to help someone clean out their attic, garage, etc., to be on the front line of gleaning treasures. :)

    You go girl on that journaling! I fail that resolution about 10 days into the new year. haha

  16. You are such a busy bee...I sometimes wonder HOW you do it all Pat!

    those art supplies found the perfect home with you!

    great tea drinking weather isn't it...shame the snow didn't last longer...it was pretty last night