Tea on Tuesday

                                      Today's tea is a new Stash tea I discovered- Lavender Tulsi- definite scent of lavender, with the peppery tulsi flavor. I am not usually a big fan of Tulsi teas, but this one is nice.


I am using one of a thrift store set of black and white  English Alfred Meakin ironstone- Old Orchard pattern.
I bought these several years ago to resell, but, as you can see, they never left!!!


 In keeping with the Tuesday tea theme, you must visit:  Milady Productions - Art Farm



Tea Time - A Drawing Challenge.

It's a blog post full of inspiration- with links to other participating blogs. I think anyone can still "play along".

Make sure to click on the link, at the bottom of Art Farm's post - Ariane- where you can see a list of all tea related posts- very cool!!!

Please drop by anytime- and visit Patty and Kim for a list of other Tea on Tuesday bloggers!


  1. Interesting tea. I have never had Tulsi. I will have to see if I can find that one.

  2. Happy Tea day! I will look for this tea, never seen it before. Your link would not work for me it said error. Your black and white teacups are some of my favorite!

  3. Both the link to Art Farm and Ariane worked fine for me. I got caught up in the tea movement of the moment at both their blogs.

    Back at yours, I enjoyed seeing this Tulsi, a tea I've never heard of. That's what makes your posts so much fun. I learn so much about tea when I visit. Have a great Tea Tuesday. I forgot to mention that the tea cup is quite lovely, too.

  4. I like your new cup and saucer, again envious of your incredible thrifting skills! Also, a bit envious of all those teas yet to be tried. Sometimes I find one I like, but not often, so I've stuck with basic black tea. I know I'm missing out on something good, but...
    Thanks for the link, happy Tuesday!

  5. I like that black and white cup and saucer. I haven't heard of that kind of tea before. Sounds interesting for sure. Hope you are having a good day. Tammy

  6. I have not seen that combo of tea before either. I usually don't like the pepper taste though. I would like to give it a try anyways : ) There are so many teas out there to try!
    Your tea cup is lovely. Black and white always looks so classy, and the pattern is wonderful!
    Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  7. I have never heard of tulsi before ... I learn so many things on Tuesdays :)

    I love the black and white pattern - it would be cool to have a whole set of that!

    Happy Tuesday! stay warm out there!!!!!

  8. Happy T day a day late...our boy moved back down to Blacksburg yesterday to start his next adventure...his room is empty again ... almost

    Natalea of Kandeland sent me some lovely Tulsi Sweet Rose tea last Valentine's that was a nice treat...your Lavender sounds right up my alley too...ummm

    Stay warm and pop by for tea if you get a chance...I posted and then had to unplug yesterday