Quick and Easy " Recipe"


                                                   I love old gold and gilded frames. 

                           My master bath is filled with antique gold framed mirrors.

I have 2 ornate frames, found in a thrift store, that I had  mirrors cut to fit, and put in. Those hang in my living room.  
But, I do really try to keep the gilt frame theme in the bathroom!!!

Here is a quick and easy earring display I made for my bathroom. 

Most of my earrings are stored in jewelry cubbies- sometime the earrings of the day are just tossed into a huge abalone shell on my counter. This frame not only solves the problem of where to put them, but also lets me see what I have,- rather than wasting time rummaging thru the cubbies looking for a certain pair. (And, believe me - I have way more than are hanging on this frame!!!)


1 gilt thrift store picture frame- no glass

1 backing- pattern/design up to you

Cut a piece of chicken wire (or 1/4 inch mesh) to fit within the frame

Put frame backing on

Hang earrings on wire




  1. Now I am ready to see all of the gold and gilded framed mirrors in your master bath! This is a really great idea for jewelry you are wearing daily and seasonally too. Love it! Lennie

  2. That makes a beautiful decor element in a room! Good one :) I like the mirror idea too!

  3. HOW CREATIVE! And not only is it useful, but looks amazing hanging in a bathroom. Looks more like part of the decor instead of the clutter. LOVE your earrings!
    You're a genius!!

    Thanks for sharing this amazing creation,

  4. I made something similar to that this Christmas for two of my girls - but I like yours so much better with the gold frame and the chicken wire. I used window screen for mine. The girls love it for their earrings - it turned out to be a hit :)

  5. I want a tour of your house! :) Would love to see all your creative, unique things made from thrifting. This mirror idea is *wonderful*.

  6. very clever and decorative.....home for the ever present pile of baubles...