Happy Mail- Bonus Box!

I forget when or where I started swapping with Michelle. But it has always been so much fun!!! I never know what treasures I will find when I open a box from her!!!

I love her blog, and I love getting packages from Poland- I hope she loves getting packages from the US!!!

Late last year, Michelle started a project with 50 participants- and asked me to be one of them. It was really more a project for HER! Everyone was to mail her 50 pages/papers of a certain size- vintage paper, art paper, ads, any old ephemera. She was then going to assemble 50 notebooks (!), cutting, mixing, and matching all the paper she received.

                                   What a massive undertaking!!!!

Yesterday, a postage stamp encrusted box showed up at my PO - finally, after a long trip across the sea......

Unwrapping the box- I discovered a lovely handmade hang tag, and something wrapped in great brown       paper.

                                              Here, also,  was the Projekt Zeszyt- Project Notebook!

                                           Below, was what I found in the brown paper - I had sent Michelle some canning jars a while back - and she was sending me one - a great Polish glass jar! Took me a minute to figure out how to get it open- and then, that spring just FLEW off at me!!!!

The jar was stuffed with wonder-full pins- crocheted by Michelle- little flower brooches - and an adorable little button tree!!!

The jar was wrapped in a beautiful crocheted purple shawl- it is so nice - THANK YOU, MICHELLE!
My daughter saw it, and said - "It's PURPLE!"

                                               Uh, oh, hide the shawl - she loves purple!!! LOL

And, finally - here is the notebook - upside down, of course (thanks, blogger, thought we had resolved this....)

There were 50 pages of all types - so neat - just took pics of a few of them - everything from vintage, to hand painted vellum, mostly European. I almost don't want to even put anything else on the pages - each page looks great as is!!

I did already take some of the polka dot red tape that was on the package, and use it on the cover of the journal. I will probably use the stamps, and brown paper in the journal somehow also, and one of the flower pins!

What a great swap and project!!!

Be sure to drop by Michelle's blog and see some of the wonderful things she creates!!


  1. ~what wonderful creative bits that came your way...and what a project she attempted as well...beautiful gifts from the heart and mind of a friend...such fun! thank you for sharing these with us...much love light and blessings be with you and yours~

  2. I am so envious! LOL. Beautiful goodies and from a lovely place! We had the pleasure of visiting Poland some years ago for a wedding. The marriage didn't last, but I'm sure the beauty of Poland is still there. Enjoy!

  3. This is absolutely INCREDIBLE. Very impressive!

  4. Wowwee!!!! This is fabulous! Blessings, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. Great, great that it safely went through the ocean! And - I just LOVE receiveng packages from US :) From you :) Hugs and kisses Pat, I can make other shawl for your daughter, but this one is especially for you :))

  6. what a wonderful box of delights Pat...and I saw the fab array of postage stamps too...you know I have a soft spot for anything Polish ... starting with my Mr Magers ;)

    glad you had your camera handy so you could share the unveiling with us
    p.s. Your chicken wire earring holder looks great, my sis used to sell her jewelry at art/craft shows and made frames with wire window screen...I still use one for my earrings...it shows them off so nicely :)

  7. Oh how fun!!! I haven't done any swaps in quite awhile, must get back to it!