First Day Gathering

             I had the pleasure of being invited to a New Year's Day party.

                     I much prefer this kind of gathering, to the late night,rowdy     parties of my youth..

        It was my first First Day party- I am not much of a social butterfly!

I read on someone's Facebook post, that what you do on the first day of the year, is indicative of how your year will progress.

So, I guess that means I will become more social? That could be a good thing, considering I have become more hermit-like, since moving here to the country!

I was afraid my social skills had become a bit rusty - but good food, nice, artsy, earth loving folks, and a welcoming atmosphere made for a good time!

  This was a sort of progressive dinner - between two houses in the forest.

Mike and Karen's house was the first stop. Bonfire outside, a delicious assortment of potlucks and mimosas inside.One of the dishes, cooked in a cast iron pot, over the fire outside, was a delicious looking Brunswick stew.
It was made of of several types of meat, including squirrel, so I had to pass on tasting it!

Having just met Mike and Karen, I did not want to be rude and whip out my camera to take pictures of their VERY cool house!

We did get a tour. Karen and Mike are the 4th owners- the first owner, a single guy,  started the house in the 70's, by building a very neat geodesic dome on stilts. Don't let the outer, rustic, quaintness fool ya'! It is gorgeous inside!

Each new owner added on- with windows, skylights,  beautiful wood everywhere, and stripped wood logs from the forest out back for support beams and decor.
                              The hill right behind the house inclines directly into the National Forest.

After having great conversation, delicious food, and then there was that Mimosa (!), we all took a short hike down the road to the "dessert" house - my friend Maryanne and John's .

I have written about Maryanne and John's house before - they have a little late 1800's cottage for rent in the warmer months. This will be available for rent, when I have my quilt retreat in August-first come, first serve!!!!

My contribution to the dessert table: anise pizzelles, and almond featherweight pound cake (with some Trader Joe's pfefferneuse, chocolate covered edamame and pomegranate seeds on the side)

Maryanne made a delicious apple pie with Stamen (?) apples and pear thrown in ! Yum! Chris made rhubarb and strawberry jello, a local favorite - it was very good!!! There was a walnut sheet cake, snickerdoodles, and more-
                                                            YUM !!!!

Below are scenes from around Maryanne's house

I love this little wee one who greets everyone at the front door.....

Maryanne's rock art and cairns  can be found everywhere
Heart rocks abound

Mr. Green Jeans  going across the foot bridge - he took great delight in shaking the bridge as I was trying to cross and take pics! Not funny..........

View of the back of the refurbished 1890's rental cottage

Pump outside back porch of the cottage

Artsy wasp abode -everyone is welcome here-a very zen atmosphere

Maryanne's moss and lichen gardens can be found everywhere
(I'll be making some of these today!)
Despite what Martha Stewart says, this little mossy gardens do better outside

The gathering began at a bonfire.......................and ended at one

                     A great way to start the new year, and I thank you, Maryanne, for the invitation!!!


  1. Ah far more sensible than staying up late and distressing your internal clock!

    I bet those were Stayman apples - as those are grown in Virginia.

  2. We were so glad to see you there and share some New Year's cheer. Loved your desserts, delicious! As well as quite pretty, lots of eye appeal. I enjoy lurking on FB and hearing about your animals, always interesting. Health and happiness to all of your tribe!

  3. I enjoyed your rendition of your First Day 2012, I think I Loved the bonfire best! But all the food and goodies had great appeal too. Lennie

  4. Sounds like fun. Love the dome house!! Wish you could go back to take photos of the inside.

  5. This is what this country life is about...relaxing with family & friends after hard work....great way to welcome in the New Year....Judy P.

  6. you're speaking my language with all those country rustic cabins and pictures. Looks like my parents place. Believe it or not, I too am no social butterfly. I'd rather be alone than in a group of people.

  7. Looks like a wonderful start to 2012. 2012! Amazing. Your pictures have once again reminded me how much I miss Virginia's hills. Pat, enjoy 2012 to its fullest. Spread your butterfly wings and fly. oxo

  8. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....a little slice of heaven on earth! Thanks for the photos!

  9. You have had a glorious first day to the New 2012 with some incredible , artsy friends. I live in the small woods and on my posts you can often find one of my guardians watching over us...the dear are still wild and yet they do realize that we are never going to hurt them. Blessings , Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  10. I love this! A great way to start the year! Much more interesting than us Andersen's in our p.j.'s all day long!! Does that bode well for our year?!!

  11. What a great way to start the New Year. The dome house looks interesting.

    Wishing you a very Happy and healthy 2012.


  12. Nice "country" New Year celebration. Wish I were there! We had a "Hollywood" New year "celebration". Saw Mission Impossible 4 in Imax. Still trying to stick my eyes back in my head. Glad you found a use for the pfefferneuses! Happy New Year!

  13. looks magical and wonderful in every way...perfect any day!!!

    pop by for tea if you have a chance :)

  14. Loved your post today...Happy New Year!