On this grey, frosty morning- soon to be a rainy , grey morning - enjoy a bit of spring in our     flowering bulbs:  


4 beautiful blossoms all at once!

The headily scented paperwhites
Their scent is a cross between hyacinths and something dead!!LOL
(I suppose, if I was thinking, I would have removed the for sale sign and taken a more artsy photo!!!)

Some thrift store scores.........a perfect $4 vintage scarf- maybe it will become a pillow, or just be casually draped in the hunt theme room

Some vintage folding rulers- I have and use my grandfather's- but can't resist whenever I come across these! These two will probably be put in my Etsy shop (another NY's resolution- get busy and stock that darn shop!!!)

This vintage folding screen below was in the truck with all the condo contents- I love it - altho' I don't love the teal color scheme that was an obvious favorite of the former owner.(Note the teal-ish magazine table!)
Right now, it is standing near my sewing table in the basement studio- to help deter the soot from the wood stove from wafting over my fabric! At some point, I will replace the fabric on the screen.

                                      And last- more additions to my vintage horse tack collection:

A tangle of rusty bits was something I could not pass up - most will end up on Etsy, since they are duplicates) - EXCEPT for the two very cruel ones pictured below. Can you imagine - putting these in a poor horse's mouth?????

On a lighter note, ending this post,  a happy baby pachyderm - brought home by my mom, to add to my elephantine collection!!


  1. ~the red of this flower is stunning! and that scarf you found has to be the most feminine "hunting print" i have ever seen...love all your bits adn pieces found...wishing you a wonderful day ahead...much love light and blessings~

  2. Love your posts of "finds" -- always feel like I've found the best thrift shop (that doesn't exist here!). Those horse bits reminded me of what it must feel like having braces, although I never had them, my kids must know. We had paperwhites too, and I love your description of their scent. I finally moved mine to the porch!
    Happy Wednesday!

  3. you have some great stuff......love the folding screen

  4. Your flowers are sooooo beautiful :) and your condo and other finds are awesome.
    I can't imagine using a bit like that, breaks my heart to think of it.
    On a brighter note, that little elephant is priceless :)
    Have a great day :) when it rains, everything sparkles!

  5. I wish I would have started an Amaryllis this year...this would be so glorious for a rainy day we are having here. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. beautiful blooms and treasures Pat! I love the vintage ruler. My dad had one just like that - he used to stick it in his back pocket on the weekends - that meant "project time!"

  7. I love your flowers.

    I have a fabric room divider that I use as a "storage space" - I pin blocks from quilt alongs and orphan blocks on it so that they are in view. (the fabric on mine is a natural white. )