Tea on Tuesday

The dusty little ceramic trivet pictured at the bottom of this post, pretty well sums up my every morning!!! 


It shouldn't, but it does- my mind wakes up stressed, and calms down as the day progresses....

This morning starts with my last teabag of Twinings New Zealand Morning, heavily doused with local Wildflower Honey.

I debated putting the tea into one of my 2 "new" thrift store finds- but then opted for a pottery mug instead!!!

Here is the first thrifty score- a partial set of several heavily crazed, vintage cups and saucers, and one cracked sandwich plate. But, I love the brown, and the style, so a use will be found for them, despite their age and fragility.

                                      Copeland Spode Buttercup- cute little basketweave design

                              Vintage Frankoma tea (really coffee) pedestal pottery mug

Tea napkin rings

And, that dusty little ceramic trivet, that about sums it all up-  I will have to attempt using Picasa today, to see if I can resolve blogger's issue of refusing to right my pix- 

Let the stress begin.......


For a totally stress-free visit with other tea fanciers- drop by to "see"  Patty (and hear all about her wonder-full vacation) and Kimmie (for art-full adventures)- they will have a link to other Tea on Tuesday folk!
Please feel free to join us every Tuesday to visit, or share your own tea escapades (tescapades?)

I am headed over there right now!!!

****Also -visit  www.ooglebloops.com for the details on the upcoming Mountain Meadows Quilters Retreat- we have local bluegrass group Thompson's Store Revival playing in my back field after the workshop!! Their link will be up on the site tonite, hopefully!!


  1. I like all your thrifty tea finds, but am really in love with the teapot napkin rings! How adorable!!!!! Happy Tea Day!

  2. Great finds but I too love those dear little teapot napkin rings, keep those out and busy! Lennie

  3. Those napkin rings really caught my eye. Not sure why I can't find anything good at my thrift store, but they have NOTHING that compares to your awesome finds. Hope by now that you are well into the stress free part of your Tea Tuesday.

  4. ~always fun to see your thrift store finds!!! a spot of tea or maybe a wee bit more always helps clearing ones mind!!! be well and much love light and blessings~

  5. Hello my friend: I am not sure why you are so stressed. I am very sorry. I know what stress can do. I will say a prayer for you today. This marks the second week in a row that you have shared cups I own too. I own last week's heart cup and the very first cup you have the creamy yellow and brown one I own as well. Can it be that two great minds think alike? :) Always love my visit here. Remember, God is Faithful and will not give us more than we can bear. Sending a big HUG! Martha

  6. I am sorry to hear that you wake up stressed. I hope that your tea helps bring some peace. Your new thrift store finds are lovely. The tea pot napkin rings are fantastic!

  7. if you are using picasa, don't use the Blogger link in the bottom tool bar...edit your photos and save them then go to your blog and load them through the post...if that doesn't work, save them to your desk top and load from there...i'm pretty good at Picasa if you have any questions, i'll try to help...happy tea day, pat, i love your tea cup finds, especially the little spode cuppa

  8. I love your little basket weave teacup!
    and I know what you mean about waking up stressed .... my mental to-do list is what gets me out of bed in the morning (lol)

    Happy Tuesday! and I'm glad Jean has picasa/blogger advise for you - I would be baffled!

  9. Oh my! Love those tea pot napkin rings! So cute!
    Hope you are having a wonderful tea day!

  10. Love your napkin rings, and the cartoon is a hoot, even sideways! :)

  11. I am so jealous seeing those napkin rings... I would love those little beauties... nice to visit your blog via Kimmie's link and glad to have found a fellow tea lover out there in the cyber world...xx

  12. I also love this tea rings napkin holders. The day is smoothing down as we speak!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  13. Happy tea Tuesday to you.

    Seems like forever since I've made the rounds.

    Love the vintage mug...it's a dandy.

    oxo Judy

  14. popping by for tea a little late...had my eyes dilated today and things were fuzzy and VERY bright for hours and hours

    you are the best treasure hunter and such a magnet for good stuff!

    Happy Belated Birthday to your lovely Mom...and sweet Valentine!

    hope you wake up this morning not stressed...remember to breathe :)