A Day in the Life............

                              Just some photos of what I see from day to day....................


Can you spot the fossil?- a friend informed me that this area is fossil rich!!! I have a few, will be looking for a whole lot more!!! This is an area overflowing with Native American artifacts, fossils, and Civil War goodies.Look where you walk, you never know what you will step into!!!

While working in the garden the other day, I cut several of these mystery items below, out of my lavender and sage. My friend, Maryanne, informed me that they were "keepers" - they are praying mantis egg cases!!  Woohoo!! My front garden had several mantises last season- it is interesting to watch them eat - and they pose for photos quite willingly !!! Good to know, I will have a boatload of babies come spring!!! And, these cases are practically indestructible - I tried to cut one open with a trowel- trying to figure out what was inside- friend or foe- and fortunately, was unsuccessful in damaging the case!

                      Below, one of the first harbingers of spring - the mini daffies planted last year!

Friend, Maryanne, when she came to pick up a truckload of manure for her garden, brought me a beautiful helleborus- with a promise to bring me some actual plants for my garden soon!

No street lights in the boonies -it's DARK at night...

A really poor shot of a wondrous view - of the crescent moon with Venus below, and Jupiter off to the side.
Every time I got the camera in focus, a cloud would obscure the view. It was cold, and I got tired of trying to get the perfect shot!!!LOL

                                 Quite a neat barn swallow nest, high up in an indoor riding ring.

Up close and personal with a friend's cows - I happen to be standing between them and their food - not too smart on my part! They may be huge and ungainly, but they can mooooove!!!!

                                    And last, my two favorite "posers" - giving me the eye.................


  1. I LoVe this post but those "Eyes Have It", LOVE IT, Lennie

  2. So neat, this post! Are Praying Mantis(es?) endangered? Thought they were at one time. Think I took the same sky shot last night, never perfect, but when the crescent moon lines up with Venus and Jupiter so they are in the same frame, just have to try! Thanks!

  3. Nice flowers! Such great nature shots!! LOVE the boonies and at least you have to try to get the moon shots. I do this all the time, too. Great post today!

  4. I sometimes wish I lived in the boonies...it is a great place to stargaze.

  5. You got some GREAT photos. I really like the two cows and the praying mantis cases. Wonderful shots.