Just a Quickie...................

A little hand stitched chatelaine of sorts- first try.

I saw a fancier one in Julieanna's and thought I'd try one out of scraps I had.
I cut a heart out of a cardboard PopTarts box (recycling!)
The vintage muslin scraps were from the thrift store- I have dyed several with different kinds of tea - this one was tea dyed with yerba mate tea - made it a light sagey green.
Very old rickrack, with vintage rayon ribbon, and a very vintage mother of pearl button,cover the lily of the valley print pocket.
Underneath is cotton batting, front and back, so it can be used as a pin cushion also.
The loop is from a thrift shop curtain tie back - I meant to have the tassel from the tie back at the bottom of the heart,
was watching tv,
got distracted,
forgot to sew it in........
The little sewing scissors were also a thrift store find- so the cost of this was probably less than a dollar.

This heart was the 1st try - the others will be better!!!


  1. sweet and useful too
    Love all of your 'special' ingredients and the recycled cardboard too!

  2. I Like it and I Love it! Nicely done and I loved reading how it was put together with such thoughtful caring. Lennie

  3. Sweet! I love seeing something and then making my own!

  4. So sweet! And green! I may need one of those for my little scissors :)

  5. Love this little scissors' holder! Really cute and I love lily of the valley! Diane C.(Lennie's daughter)