Sketchbook Project Tour 2011

All along, we thought my sketchbook (and thousands of others) would be at 111 Minna Gallery today!

When it was time to leave to see the books,  Mike couldn't find any times or info about the Sketchbook Tour - he called the Minna Gallery, and they said the tour was not there.
So, I scrambled to the Art Co-op website to find out what was going on - only to discover the location had been changed!
And, the exhibit had been there for 2 days already!! This was the last day, not the first!!!

I did fire off an "upset" email to the Art Co-op, and to their credit, got a quick, and very apologetic reply.

Turns out, the Minna Gallery would not allow anyone under 21 in to view the books (!?) Altho' - Minna told my son, they had not heard back from the co-op, so all they knew was that the tour was not at the Minna.

Anyway, all's well that ends well. Mike did get to see my book - I am not sure if he got to check out any others- it looked crowded and was close to closing .

So, if you have a book in the 2011 tour, or wish to go see the books at any location - check to make sure there haven't been any last minute changes or updates!!!!

Chicago, Illinois, and Winter Park, Fla are the next stops- but check the website to be sure!!!!

There are ALOT of wonder-full artists and illustrators who have books in the tour. If you can't make it to any of the locations, the books will eventually all be online at the Brooklyn Art House Co-op's website.

And, if you'd like to play along - I believe there is still time to get a moleskine of your own for the 2012 Tour!!! 
I did!!!!


  1. how cool is that ... and great that in the end your son DID get to see your book...Sweet and exciting!!!

  2. I think there is something very special about a child getting to see his mother's art that is on tour! I don't know as our children look at us as artists, career women, musicians, etc. They see us as Moms which of course is of great value. But they don't always experience us as gifted in other ways. Until after we are gone. What a great way to celebrate who you are, Pat!

  3. I'm so glad it all ended well! I was getting a bit worried half way thru your post! what a proud moment for you and your son! Mx

  4. How frustrating but all's well that ends well. And it looks like you will go another round in 2012. I will have to look for yours in Brooklyn next year!