Thriftin' and Porch Sittin'

                   I'm in love with vintage silver and silverplate!!! I use          it, alter it, recycle and upcycle it!!

This is a recent score from the thrift store- multiple sizes of Paul Revere repro footed bowls- they will look lovely filled with floating flowers, lined up in size order down the table, or in a group.
The tea kettle is too badly worn on the inside to use for tea - (altho I wish I could use it!), so it will be upcycled with vintage flateware "chimes" and chandelier prisms.

The little measuring scoop above  I am absolutely in love with- I'm guessing it is one and two tablespoons - haven't actually checked the accuracy yet! But, I will use this - it's kind of unique.

Scored two large iron wheels for my garden - rusty farm equipment is too good to pass up when the price is right!!!! I'll show you them both later - when the garden is fully weeded!!LOL

Here is my daughter's dog, behaving very well, surveying the property from the front porch.
This was the other day, after I lugged those wagon wheels to the garden, and before the hay was cut.

I joined Luna on the porch, with a glass of iced mint water, and a good book - The Dirty Life- about a city girl who became a farmer - hhhmmmm!! It is a really good and quick read - with some yummy recipes included!!
A view down my porch - the rusty child's wagon leads the parade of vintage watering cans- one can NEVER
 have too many watering cans....................


  1. Oh I Love everything, from the silver bowls to the rusty wagon and in between some watering cans. What is not to Love in this post. Have fun creating! Show us your stuff when we get together. Lennie

  2. still have a box of silver(ish) pieces for you Mz Pat! yours are so bright and shiny!

    Love your rusty finds...looking forward to seeing it all in person next month!

    that row of watering cans is ooh la laa too!
    p.s. almost need a sweater this morning, isn't it WONDERFUL!!!

  3. Love, love, love your watering can parade! oxo

  4. I love the view on your porch....and what fun thrift finds.