Tea on Tuesday

I thought I might stick with the iced tea theme of last week and show off part of my collection of vintage iced tea spoons. Most are silver or silverplate, with a couple of stainless steel thrown in. One of the stainless ones is the one my dad used to use to stir his Ovaltine. I don't drink Ovaltine too much (not such a big milk drinker any more) but I do toss some Ovaltine into my decaf coffee, and use Dad's spoon.
They are multipurpose - great to use in a really thick smoothie, or ice cream float, or even just eating ice cream out of the container!!!!

At last count, I had about 18 iced tea spoons, and am always on the lookout for more - one can NEVER have too many!! LOL As you can tell, some are missing from this photo - must check the daughter's room for some stray dirty glasses, hmmm............

I never put the silverplate in the dish washer, always wash them by hand. I can see those that don't get used too often are in need of some polishing!!!
I just love the different patterns on the handles - the more vintage, the better! If the spoons are too tarnished or worn for use - they are really nice repurposed as wind chimes or jewelry!!!

Today, a friend gave me some samples from her Celestial Seasonings stash, just in time for my Tea on Tuesday post! She had gone on a tour of the plant in Boulder, Colorado,(which just celebrated its 40th year in business in Sept) and had some teas that I have not seen in local stores. Altho right now I am sipping on a homegrown peppermint tea, over the next few days, I will be sampling these: English Toffee, Peach Apricot,Madagascar Vanilla Red, and Vanilla Hazelnut!!Thanks, Linda!!!

Linda also gave me the inside scoop - do you know why Celestial Seasonings are at eye level in most supermarkets? They pay for that privilege! Smart marketing!!

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  1. Your tea spoons are gorgeous. We can't keep them in the shop, they sell very quickly.

    Have a warm snuggly eve. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. You have a very nice collection there!

  3. Great post, great iced tea spoon collection too. And I learned a few things. Good job. Lennie

  4. Oooh.. Madagascar Vanilla Red is one of my FAVORITE Celestial Seasoning teas. I see "Peach Apricot" listed too. I have a Peach Apricot Honeybush that I love too.

    Oh and a great find at Big Lots was "Cocoa Spice" Yogi tea. Love my tea. I have a "tea drawer" at work. LOL. I need to replace my empty Peppermint tea, It is great for sinus issues.

  5. Talk about being late to the party!

    I think Madagascar Vanilla Red must be a man tea. It doesn't hit my spot. I'll be interested in hearing if you like it.

    Your tea spoons are beautiful!

  6. Your spoons are gorgeous, so lovely I wouldn't even want to alter them ;)
    What a fun tour that must have been, I am such a sucker for CSeasonings packaging AND their teas are great too! I guess the quotes on the packaging are always a bonus in my book too!

    Is it really windy out your way today ... blustery and sunny here!
    ~*~ Patty

  7. Tea is my all-time favorite bevvie....I have about a gazillion cups/glasses every day!

    Your spoons are yummy....I love that they're all different. I so enjoy that kind of thing.


  8. Oh I'm sorry I missed your post! ..... iced tea spoons are a wonderful thing to collect! I ought to start :) ...... yours is a wonderful and well loved (cared for) collection!

    Happy T Thursday :)

  9. Love your spoons....I have a vintage silver service my Granny gave me for a wedding present 20 years ago. I don't put it in the dishwasher either. I love getting out the wood box for special occassions and setting it all out!