Help for Samoa

Barb, over at Bejeweled Quilts
lives in American Samoa. If you recall, in recent news, they suffered a devastating earthquake and tsunami, that affected alot of the local residents. Barb and her family did not suffer any damage, but many of her friends and people in her area did. Some are homeless, some lost belongings, clothing, and some cases, lives.

Please visit her blog to see what you can do to help. Many bloggers, myself included, have already sent out care packages to Samoa for her to distribute. I am getting ready to pack another box for the 2nd round. Flat rate is the least expensive way to ship there - and you can get an amazing amount of stuff into a box!! Kind of like packing a suitcase, and sitting on it to make sure everything fits, then tape, tape, tape!!!!!!

Barb has a list of needed items, among them, pillowcases, hygiene items, children's clothing and shoes (flip flops are popular). I'm sure most of us could go thru our closets and find nice, usable stuff, that we aren't using that would be most appreciated by those in need!!

So, drop Barb a comment, she'll email you her address, and you can get your goodies in the mail to Samoa!!!


  1. Thanks for posting this...the more of us who do, the more likely she will be to get boxes of items she can distribute to those in need in her area.

  2. That is so wonderful of you to post that...thanks soooooooooooooooooo much. You have a beautiful quilter's heart. I have not been reading blogs lately, been sooo busy, trying to catch up so I am sorry that I have not gotten to this sooner.

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