Tea on Tuesday- Pretty in Pink.....

It's August, so that means it's time for the annual August birthday mug!!! It comes out of the closet several times in August every year, only to be pushed to the dark recesses of the shelf when August is over!

I discovered a new locally made honey - available at Julieanna in Broadway, or thru' the beekeepers themselves! Blends perfectly with Lady Grey!!

And, today.................don't forget to take time to smell the flowers (or at least, just admire them!)

my ever blooming cyclamen

from a first (and last!)date bouquet that Katie received last night

Katie's hair clips

English bone china Royal Albert "Poppy" teacup- one of my bird feeders, available at Turner Ham/Fulks Run Grocery

portulaca in the rock wall

hyacinth bean

one scrawny little nursery plant that is now blooming like crazy!

Please join us every Tuesday for tea- and drop by Patty and Kim for a list of other tea lovers


  1. Beautiful post Pat ... Love the shades of blooming pink

    Enjoy * Enjoy your birthday month Missy!


  2. Pink must be the color this August. What delightful photos and delicious looking clear honey. Have a super Tea Tuesday. Seems I'm running late this week.

  3. I just Love the name on that honey! Makes me want some. Love all your pink flowers as well. I think I must try planting the hyacinth bean again, it is a sweet flower and leaves too. Perhaps next year. Lennie

  4. And I want to hear the story of the first and last date!

  5. What lovely flowers! I've been wondering what the goreous flowering vine was that my neighbors have grwoing on their mail box... Now I know... hyacinth bean!