Tea Time-Day 1 of the Quilters Weekend

Well, after 8 months of planning, the Mountain Meadows Quilters Retreat/Workshop has come and gone...

We only had one RV camping on the property, but, in retrospect, one was enough!!
Discovered, that with unpredictable weather, trying to put RVs in any of our fields, would probably not work out!!! This one was parked in the gravel parking area, which worked out just fine!

The tea was Friday's event - and it went off without a hitch!! I had nothing to do with that! All the credit goes to Julie and Susan!!!

Susan and Julie, of Julieanna, outdid themselves- hanging vintage quilts around the room, quilt blocks and pin cushions as table decorations - Susan even came up with a lunch plate design of finger sandwiches that looked like a quilt block!!

Vicky was the official photographer!

Bobbi and Judy

Bobbi, Judy, Effie, Karen, and Kelley in backround

Cold melon soup with a sprig of mint - delicious!!! Blueberry spritzer tea, and teacup pins for all!

the quilt block finger sandwiches- how clever is this?

Winona and Kelley

The delicious scone - we thought THIS was dessert - we were wrong!

This goes with the scone 

We had a choice of several hot teas, the cold blueberry spritzer tea was in the goblet, and 4 courses!
Susan shared the 3 proper ways to eat a scone, and there was a lovely dessert to finish off the meal, AFTER the scone!!
Somehow, I did not get a pic of that - and can't for the life of me remember what the dessert was!! But, it was GOOD!!!
I'll get back to you on that one!!!

I got to put a face to at least half the names of the people signed up for Pat Sloan's workshop that day.
It was a wonderful start to the weekend!

Stay tuned for a detailed account of the Pat Sloan Workshop coming soon!!!


  1. This looks like it was so much fun!!!

  2. Looks like a great time! Where did the teacup pins come from?

  3. The final dessert was two Pepperidge Farm cookies with whipped cream and berries. I'm enjoying a cup of the Vanilla Rooibos tea right now. So wonderful.

  4. Julie and Susan set the bar pretty high with their thoughtful and delicious teas!
    What fun and so pretty too.

    Heard that you did a fabulous job Pat
    Kudos to you
    p.s. nice to see Judy too!

  5. What a wonderful event! Kudos to you, indeed! I'm trying to catch up with you.... been absent from my blog hopping...

  6. Finally, getting a really good look at all these great photos. My favorite is the idea for the quilt block finger sandwiches ... what a nifty idea! The food and tables looked fabulous and it was great to see my old friend, Judy!

  7. One of those "wish I could have been there" events! The tables were set beautifully and the sandwich presenation- genius!

    I've been gone from T Tuesday for awhile, but I'm baaaaack- with a giveaway!

  8. That looks totally wonderful!!!! Sorry I missed it.