Polymer Play

I woke up the other morning, with idea of a tiny cork bodied marionette rattling around in my brain. One never knows what thoughts will be tumbling out of my head, willy nilly, each morning! So, I sketched it out, before I could forget, and pulled out the clay to see if my fingers remembered how to sculpt.

It's been about 10 or so years, and I am VERY rusty!! I was in a hurry, so just played around with it for a half hour, to see what would evolve. The resulting head is too big to go on a cork body, but he will have a personality, hair, and a body, soon enough!!
This was just a warm up to the Dog in the Hole challenge, that I have yet to begin. I have pieces on my desk, and scribbles and sketches of ideas on paper and in my head.
Getting the sculpy out of the box, was a step in the right direction. Maybe before the month ends, I will have the Full Moon Art Doll project for Dog in the Hole near completion.

This little guy was just a warm up, now if I can find the box that my tools are packed in, maybe I'll get started!!!!


  1. I LOVE this! You said he will have a personality,,,well, I think he already has one!

  2. Absolutely AMAZING. You just pulled out the clay and did that? WOWOWOWSER I am soooooooooo impressed. I love him. He's like the jester of fairies. lol He's looks like he knows everything.
    Well, you just go get some more clay, girlfriend and get smooching and rolling and sculpting it.
    You have a gift there. :)Bea

  3. just great, I've not tried a face yet but you have inspired me

  4. Oh he is so cool. Does he have a name yet???

  5. Must be nice to be so talented. Your face is just too fabulous. Such detail. Can't wait to see the finished art. And I love his name.