Lawendula's Paper Swap

Not too long ago, while blog cruising, I stumbled on Lawendula's paper swap. It sounded interesting, and I certainly have enough paper lying around, so I signed up!!
My swap partner was Caroline
Both of these gals have wonderful blogs and an abundance of talent - you must visit their blogs!! Caroline is a very talented illustrator- with a line of cards and a great sense of humor!!! Lawendula has monthly swaps, if ya' want to join!!!

I have to admit, I got a little nervous when it was time to swap- will she like what I am sending - am I sending enough, or too much? If I like it, will she like it or be able to use it, etc, etc, should be arriving soon - hope she likes it!!!

Anyway, Caroline's package for me arrived the other day, with some lovely stuff!!I am not the best at altered art - but I do LOVE paper!!! LOL

There was some vellum, some pictures, some scraps that you just want to look at over and over! My favorite, and I can't believe she sent it - is a vintage postcard, sent to her grandmother from a relative in Turkey circa 1911!! Wow!!! I asked if she was sure she wanted to part with this little treasure - and she did. Caroline said, as she has enjoyed the postcard over the years, if she now sent it out into the world, her ancestors would be better remembered, and become known to others!!!

That being said, I encourage any of you talented folks out there, to take this image of the lovely lady and give it new life- and honor those ancestors of Caroline's!!I would love to see your creations (this means you too , Patty:>) ) I will write a post with links to everyone's art.

My other favorite is the head of the little boy - I just want to sculpt him- but I don't think my efforts would be as cute as he already is!!!

So, thanks Lawendula, for arranging the swap and letting me participate!!


  1. Wonderful the swap was so much fun for you, Pat, thanks for sharing and joining and you're welcome to crazy swap! :)

  2. This is very interesting. I'm always fascinated by types of art that I cannot do (for lack of talent).....and I marvel at the things you come up with, Pat.

  3. What a lot of fun and great items too!
    Eliza in Poland and I have our packages in the mail...I am keeping an eye on the mailbox ... art mail is the best!