Back in Time

Following Pat's lead-
I went back to 2005, took the 5th folder of pics and, instead of the 5th pic (I am not sure if that person would like their photo on a blog)- I went to the 5th row of photos.

I used to be "the jewelry lady" for Loudoun Hospital's Ladies Board. They have a huge rummage sale every year.
This magnificent tree was just outside the arena - and the wind took it down that day - right onto someone's car.
I haven't been back in 2 years, I think the stump is still there.


  1. Oh, WOW.......what an upsetting thing for the owner of that car!!! Thanks for playing along with my little photo game today.

  2. Our neighbor had that happen last week. Not fun. Interesting photo though...

  3. that's a fun game to play .... you really found something interesting using the formula .... cool looking photo of the stump :)

  4. Oh wow....made someone's day I am sure!!

  5. I LOVE me a good tree stump, they make great pedestals in the garden!
    p.s. you have me totally distracted, I am here for links for my T Thursday post ;)