Tea on Tuesday

Here I am again, having a late afternoon tea.......

Today's tea is Celestial Seasonings Green and White tea,  in a long coveted, vintage, green and white Japanese teacup, that I finally bought for myself!!!

In keeping with the green and white theme, enjoy these flowers I captured on a walk around the property.....

                                                              A Study in White

Please feel free to join us every Tuesday for tea!  Drop by Patty and Kimmie for a list of other tea fanciers.


  1. OK I just wrote a really nice long comment and got that dingdang Service not available notice
    here's the short version:
    Love your White
    Love your Green
    Love Spring in Virginia!
    and T Tuesdays!

  2. What a lovely study in green and white to accompany the green and white tea. I LOVE those photos. There is really a lot of beauty in your shots.

  3. Such lovely photos of the white flowers and your teacup and saucer are gorgeous!! Happy T Tuesday to you.

  4. I love the white themed flowers .... Our white lilacs are about to bloom too. I really want lily of the valley in my yard, now that I don't have a cat and the kids are old enough to not eat it by accident. That's another white beauty .... Happy tuesday! Kimmie

  5. Our lilacs are about done - except for my purple mini lilac which is in full bloom. I am going to try to plant lily of the valley again this year - the ones I put in under my church pew a few years ago, never materialized!!LOL