Tea, Tea, and More Tea on Tuesday!!!!


                          I worked on cleaning out my pantry the other day- AGAIN!.
I am also weeding out teas that have been in there for more than a year!!!!

So as not to waste any, I have been drinking tea like crazy (plus, I love a cuppa hot tea when it's cold!!)

I am presently working my way through the bags of tea my dear friend Teresa has so kindly shared from her many trips overseas!

I alternate between the French, English, Italian, and Spanish hotel teas, only having to google translate the Italian, to make sure what it is I am drinking!!!

This morning, tho', it is my usual morning tea- Lady Grey, with local honey - or to be totally truthful, I have some tea WITH my honey!!!!!

I am very excited to report- that come spring, I will have bee hives on  my property!!!!

A couple of months ago, I met Crystal, who had recently moved here with her family from Kentucky. She sells her honey in some of the local shops. I asked if she ever put her hives in places other than their own property , and she was looking for a place!!! She and her family came out over the weekend- her husband, (the beekeeper), and two lovely children (the kids really came to see Yoshi and Finnegan!)- checked out the site, and agreed the bees will be coming here to live !!!!

The hives will be set up over the winter, the bees will arrive in the spring, and I will get some honey for letting the bees live here and pollinate to their hearts' content!!! It's a win-win!!!!

I can observe, photograph, and blog about the bees, and taste their honey!!! From a distance!!!! LOL

Crystal does sell her delicious honey online, and has a Facebook page - look her up!!!She has jars in all sizes- from wine bottle on down - very reasonable prices and VERY tasty!!!!

Now,  I can have my honey and tea too- along with a teacup for every day of the month to drink it in........

recent thrift store vintage cabinet score (from Cat's Meow, Broadway, Va)

                                               Am I a TEA ADDICT?????? 

                                                      Maybe, but is that so bad???????

                Tea, books, quilts, and more tea.....................there are worse addictions in life.........

     Please drop by anytime for tea- visit Patty and Nathalie for a list of more tea lovers today!!!


  1. I'm excited for you having beehives on your property!!! At first I thought you were going into the beekeeping business, but just playing hostess to them (and collecting honey as rent!) sounds even better!!!!

    Happy Tea Tuesday!

  2. How great to have Crystsl's bees! You will love thay journey! Your addiction is a healthy one. Love the teacup cabinet.

  3. Loved reading your blog this a.m, great one as always, Love your collection of teacups. Lennie

  4. Beehives! How cool is that! I will get into the 'tea' of things I hope soon when my shoulder is not hurting so bad, but I have to see what all you all are up to these days.
    I love my tea sweet too. I have been using agave, as it has a low glycemic index. It's just like honey but more expensive.

  5. Lovely tea post Pat and I am a big fan of bees and honey too!

    that is SO exciting that you'll be keeping bees WOW!

    Your tea cabinet looks ready for a shoppe ;)

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