Another Giveaway!!

If you drop in on this wonderful blog , AC is having a great giveaway. You have until June 12 to visit, leave a comment about your favorite or inspiring quote, and post about her giveaway on your blog. The posting on your blog part is not a requirement to enter, but most appreciated!!

The prize is a wonderful book put out by WWC- Book of Inspiration- a profile of 23 artists, of which Angela Cartwright is one.

I belong to a yahoo group, In This House and Garden, organized by Angela C., and Sarah Fishburn. I have been just watching from the sidelines for a while. But yesterday, I took the big plunge and joined a swap they just started, called Sketchy Cards. Each "player" picks a card from the deck, and makes a sketch, collage, zentangle, or ? , in black and white, 3  1/2" x 1  3/4". We each print up 54 of our design, mail them off, and in return, will get back 54 different ones. Each one is designed around a single playing card in a deck. We can then attach each design to its proper card, or take them all and create something else. So far, so fun!!!!

I chose the 8 of hearts. A little bird carrying 8 "zentangley" balloons is what came out of my head. Maybe I will even pick another card to do, if there are any more open after tomorrow -I have a tiny collage in mind........


  1. That's precious.. and what a cute idea for a swap!

  2. Wonderful zentangling as always Pat!
    Phew! at first I thought you had to do 54 original pieces of art YIKES! Still plenty of work X 54! Can't wait to see your "deck"