Tea on Tuesday

Whoa!!! It's Tuesday, ALREADY???

I stopped over to visit Penny and realized, yes, today IS Tuesday and I'd better get my tea post up!!!
 Last night, I had lemon ginger tea, but today, I think it will be Buckingham Palace, in the lovely eggshell teacup I scored at a thrift shop silent auction for $3! Woohoo!!

 With that tea, I shall have the last of the mini angel food cakes with lemon glaze the daughter made yesterday!

It's another dreary day outside- we are definitely making up for the lack of rain!! The hay is about ready to go to seed - it will need to be cut soon - but lack of rain earlier in the season makes this first cut shorter than usual. I've seen a couple of neighbors who had already cut their hay, and then the rains came before they could get it tossed and baled. Sodden rows of cut grasses- not a pretty sight.........

Managed to get a ride in the past few days, in between raindrops. We may not be so lucky today!

Yesterday, the daughter went out first - and came back to report a buck ran out of the woods, freaking out her horse (the "old man") a bit. She continued on down the road, only to spot a 6 foot black snake, warming himself across the whole width of the old road! Fortunately, she was the only one who noticed him, and she and the "old man" managed to make a quick turn and avoid any mishap.
When I went down the road with the "big guy" a few minutes later, I stopped short of that spot, just in case, and took a different route. I went back later, on foot, to see if I could get a picture, but the snake was gone.
The only thing I saw while riding, was this cute little box turtle, back near the barn, who hung out for quite some time, surveying the goings on!!!

And, I am quite happy to report, for those who care, the toads are back!!!! Last year, I was missing seeing toads in and around my barn. They are the best fly catchers!!! Last night, while doing a barn check, there were several tiny toads, leaping out of harm's way, as we walked to the barn!!! I put a toad house under the sage in my herb garden, as a bribe to draw them in. Here's hoping for lots of toadies this year!!!

Please join us every Tuesday for tea - all are welcome!! Visit Kimmie and Patty for a list of the other participants!!!

Let us gather for a greeting
With our teacups filled with tea
And I'll tell you how important
Your friendship is to me.
....Alda Ellis, Hats Off To Tea


  1. Happy Tea Tuesday. What a gorgeous tea cup and saucer. So fragile looking and very beautiful. Never heard of Buckingham Palace tea, but I'm sure it is wonderful. Even the tin looks royal.

    Glad to read the horses didn't encounter the snake. I don't know much about horses, but I know they are usually afraid of, and get spooked by, snakes. That box turtle is ready for warm sunny weather. No more lazying around now that spring has sprung.

  2. The snakes are surely out and about. Be careful where you place your feet and hands. It s quite a lovely morn out there, a good day for a ride Pat! Loved your box turtle, hope he stays around for the summer. Have a great day. Lennie

  3. Hiiii Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog....I love these photos and i'm sure the tea is lovely as well.... ( I am resending another comment as I am not too sure if my first one went through..) glad to know you on T Tuesday!!! warm hugs... steph

  4. well this is beautiful. and loving the wild life too I wil pop ocer and have a look at some of the other cups too

    Love Dawn xx

  5. Glad the snake was avoided. We have Black Racers that mate in spring here and for a few weeks those big and scaries are everywhere.

    The cake looks fantastic.

  6. what a pretty cup & saucer & scrummy cake !

    We used to have a little frog visiting but sadly I think one of our cats or the neighbours' cats might have had him...he used to jump out at me when I was gardening !

  7. oo good score on that cup! and glad to hear your toads are back! we love toads!! happy t tues, pat!

  8. tea cup tuesday comes around so quickly, doesn't it! lol

    that is a cute cup ... and I love that it was saved from a thrift shop! ciao bella!
    creative carmelina

  9. hi there! just joined the tea party today! love your blog! come visit! http://www.bellantico.blogspot.com

  10. what a find with your sweet teacup! I wouldn't have gone back looking for a snake - but for your sake I'm glad you found that cute little box turtle and have a barn full of toads :)
    some of the most amazing creatures are a humans best friend - like toads that eat flies!!!

    Happy T! Kimmie

  11. Oh, the toads/frogs are so important in our environment. It's a good sign that they are around. I will try to join you for tea on Tuesdays. I have always been a tea drinker and love Rooibos and Yerba Mate.

  12. Wow I haven't ridden in years... We have a nice toad living on our patio... Helps to keep the skeeters down!

  13. You a a treasure magnet! Lovely tea post, the cake looks dreamy!
    I always get excited when I see box turtles in the wild ... come to think of it, that hasn't happened for quote some time!
    Hope you had a sweet T Tuesday

  14. Greetings,

    Your tea cup is beautiful and I have been thinking about acquiring a few, even though I prefer to drink tea out of a glass. I am a little envious of your beautiful tea tin.

    Wishing you all the very best,

  15. Yum, lemon ginger tea and those cakes ....!

    How cool to have turtles and toads around - can you tell I live in the city?!

  16. The box turtle made me smile! I hope we can see each other this summer. Let me know when you are coming to NOVA... Cottage and lunch with Montte would be FUN!

  17. Very glad to give you a link to Pink Dogwood. Cory actually won the extra matchboes I gave away from our swap & was truly delighted with them. The button string was a thank you gift.

  18. Lemon ginger tea is the best.... especially in a pretty cup.