Tea on Tuesday

 While sipping your tea today, I will have to ask you to skip on over to Martha's Favorites to drool over some of her collection of fabulous teacups!

She actually has 2 of my favorite things - and teacups and costume jewelry!!
The first "teacup" caught my eye- it is diner ware, which I love, and have one in that same pattern.
But, after that, you will see part of her collection of  to die for teacups that make me drool!!

And, at the bottom of her post, is a Mr. Linky, where you can visit other teacup collectors, and turn green with envy..........................I know envy is not a good thing, but green is my favorite color- and when there are teacups involved - I cannot help myself!!!!! LOL

To go with my English Breakfast tea and honey, here is a cake I made- (not sure if I posted this pic before)- made with leftovers from my daughter's  baking.

                                     Waste not, want not....... 

It is a chocolate cake, with cannoli filling. Instead of icing the cake, I just made a chocolate ganache, and drizzled it all over the cake. There was so much cannoli left - and not wanting to waste it, I cored a hole in the center of the cake, and filled it with the rest of the cannoli filling, and popped the core back into the cake! I have to say, not the prettiest cake( I leave pretty to the daughter!) - but delicious!!!

Please feel free to join us any Tuesday for tea! Visit Kimmie and Patty for a list of other Tea on Tuesday partiers!


  1. I adore Martha. She is such a sweetie and always has such a positive word for everyone. And her collections are to die for. This cake might not look pretty to you, but to me it looks heavenly. And it sounds so delightful, too. I still have to get my post together, but simply had to stop by and wish you a happy Tea Tuesday.

  2. I am having a cup of Sugar Plum Spice herbal tea to which I have added an Orange flavored Orange Pekoe. But I am not using a teacup, I am using a mug! (the manly way to drink tea. LOL)

  3. I mix teas too!! And almost always have it in a pottery mug!! I collect teacups, but don't often use them................

  4. that is quite a tempting treat you created ... and a great combo of ingredients ... Yum!
    Love the black and white photo you posted
    I am off to check out your links
    Happy T to you ... stay warm!

  5. The photo is from a 1929 National Geographic my brother found for my mom. Great graphics in those old ads!

  6. Happy tea day to you. Will check out the links. Love the old ads. The cake looks soooo good. Wish I was there! :)

  7. That cake looks scrumptous.....

  8. Actually, I think your cake is really quite pretty!! And so resourceful of you :)

    Now off to check out your friend's collection!

    Happy tuesady! Kimmie

  9. Oh the cake looks so yummy!! I can't help myself around chocolate...I just scavenged 4 chocolate eyeballs from the kids. No willpower.

  10. Happy t day :) the cake looks sooooo good.
    I checked Martha's site and her cups are beautiful, but I love the venetian glass!

  11. I love the picture at the start of your post ! and your cake looks sooooo good too.

  12. ... me again ! Your dear little drummers arrived today & gave me a lot of pleasure - thank you !
    I'm not showing the swaps on my blog til Christmas but will be including your art from the la mode swap in a post soon.

    Will get boxes off as soon as I have them all in !

  13. Hi: I want that cake, all of it. It looks so good. Thank you for the nice things you said. It looks like we may have alot in common. Blessings, Martha

  14. Martha does seem to have everything...including prison time. But that chocolate cake is to die for!!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart