Swaps and Stuff.....................

Here's a matchbox swap I completed and mailed - theme was Twelve Days of Christmas - mine was 12 drummers drumming!!! Thanks to Penny of Linen Shelf for organizing this - can't wait to get my 12 little boxes back!!!

The other thing I am working on is my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project Tour 2011. It has to be mailed in to the Brooklyn Art House Co-Op by the end of December, I think. Early next year, will join thousands of other sketchbook for a tour around the US!

Quite an ambitious undertaking for me - but I'm giving it a shot!

Here are a few of the pages, all still works in progress:

 Tiny watercolor of the view out back........

Hidden in a compartment in the back of the notebook is a tinier Moleskin notebook - a little watercolor flip book of hummingbirds. I love the way it turned out - unfortunately, the photos don't show it off very well!!

Well, that's all for today.................................


  1. wow...I haven't seen a flip book in a long time! Brings back lots of happy creative memories! Thanks!

  2. Oh I just Love what you did with your 12 Drummers Drumming! Love the flip book too. Lennie

  3. Lennie told me to be sure and see your 12 Drummers drumming!
    They are so cute, can't wait to see all of the matchboxes!
    Your notebook is wonderful too Pat.
    See you for Tea tomorrow

  4. I love your sketchbook. That is a real treasure. You have done some great work in it.

  5. LOVE your artwork!!!