Frustration Mounting!!!


I am trying to unfollow some blogs in my reading list!! I used to be able to do this easily- and now cannot figure it out at all!!!!!

Maybe there have been some changes in Blogger- maybe I am just losing my mind!!!

I can't add any new blogs to my reading list - until I get rid of some of the stagnant ones.

Any help would be appreciated!!!!


  1. It is well hidden now. I did find out how at this link

  2. Thanks, Gene, I will try this later - I do notice it no longer says "manage" , next to "add" on blogs I am following - that was the easy way.........

  3. On your blogger dashboard there is a 'view blogger reader' and button to the right of your reading list. click on that button and it will give you 'manage blogs I'm following' Click on the setting of the blog you want to delete and it will give you the option to delete. Easy-Peasy!

  4. I am glad they could help you because I had no idea...I try to keep my followers to a limit...but sometimes... good luck! Peace, Mary Helen