Tea on Tuesday...and Every Day

Even tho I have been sporadic of late, in posting Tea on Tuesdays, I am here today.

I am very busy doing some catch up quilting - online swap quilted wool PC's that need completion, charity quilts that need to be worked on and mailed off for machine quilting.

All this work, in my newly set up studio (see my previous post) , being sustained and energized by endless cups of tea !!!!

I have a pantry full of tea- and am presently working thru' bags of teas from England, France and Italy, sent to me by a wonderful traveling friend !!!

I thought I would share today, some of the photos I discovered here and there online- peaceful images of tea and it perfect companion - books!!!!  And one really cool teacup CAKE!!!!

How cool is this altered book? Wish I could give credit to the artist....

Several of my orphan vintage teacups repurposed into bird feeders- available at Turner Ham/Fulks Run Grocery and thru' me directly.

Yes, I know - it's really hot chocolate - but this yummy cupcake could so easily be tea!!!!

Back to sewing - enjoy your tea today - and please drop by Patty  for more links to tea fanciers.!
 if you have a post about your tea today - please feel free to leave you link in the comments below!! 

We'd love to visit you today (and every day!!!)


  1. I need to go back on my "tea cycle". My coffee is starting to taste disgusting!

  2. Fun post Pat with so much eye candy...that hot cocoa cake is amazing!

    Your tea cup bird feeders are so pretty and useful!

    Happy stitching ... enjoy our gorgeous weather too

  3. Great post! I am loving the images. The tea cup cupcakes (oh! Try to say that fast over and over Lol!) look so cool! I would love to try one of those, and some hot chocolate too : )
    Enjoy all your yummy teas from around the world...it sounds like a great challenge as the weather cools down.

  4. i'm in on tea today too! your tea post is just great, that book is unbelievable! and the cake??? over the top yum! i love your tea cup bird feeders!!!

  5. That altered book with the tea cups is truly amazing. Somebody out there is very creative!

  6. You never disappoint! Even though I am just getting to your post and it is Thursday morn already. Great pics as alway and greater ideas. Lennie

  7. Beautiful pictures. That IS an awesome altered book, too!!

  8. Gorgeous images! I'm always drawn to a pile of books and a cup of something hot.