Fun With Copper

I remember doing copper 'etching' - if that is the right word, EONS ago (it seems) in high school. I wish I still had the piece I created back then! I still see it in my mind's eye - but the real deal disappeared many years ago.

While on a trip to Charlottesville, I discovered a wonderful art shop - I think it is called Art Studio Supplies. Oh, if I had had more time - and money!!!!Being of scattered mind - I want to try everything at least once!!!

But, I did have a mission - to find thin gauge copper sheeting, to try my hand at etching again. I found sheets of .005 thickness - a package of copper, brass, and aluminum, and couldn't wait to get home to try it!!!
I was sure I had a stylus in my studio - but apparently it is still among the unpacked and hidden!!! Necessity is the mother of invention, and I couldn't wait, so I cut two tiny squares with my fabulous, will cut anything, Cutco shears, and got out my seam ripper- which, by the way, makes quite a satisfactory etcher!!!

My first tentative attempt was just a simple heart - just to get the feel of the copper. The 2nd try was one of my 'temari zendala' zentangles. I'm really liking this!!!! I guess you can use patterns to get a perfect design, but I prefer to stumble along with my own freehand images!
The other day,by chance, I found a local art supply house in town - never knew it was there - and it is closing the end of the month!! Just my luck!! But, I was able to get a roll of thinner guage copper and a proper stylus.
There are endless possiblilties for these little copper gems - I need alot more practice, next, I'll have to figure out how to put a tiny wash of color on them!!!


  1. Oh I know you're going to have fun with this!!! I love your zentangles and to do them on copper is a brilliant idea! Sometimes I use a knitting needle instead of a stylus. And pie tins (from store bought pies and pie crusts) are a good source of metal too (though not that beautiful copper). And then you can color the metal with alcohol inks (tim holz)

  2. Thanks for the tips - I will check that going out of business art shop and see if they have any of Holz' inks!!! And a knitting needle is perfect!!!